Battleplan Discussion

Aidan Kincaid

09-03-2009 17:58:18

May as well use the GJW forum to its full extent.

Here everyone can add their thoughts on the battle plan event, which will then be "sexified" in a Jac-like way for submission.

Copied from the GJW Site:

Before any war can be waged a plan must be developed. Admiral Malin has briefed the Dark Council on his plan to return them to Antei. Should it fail or be stalled, Grand Master Sarin has asked that each Clan Summit and its military advisors prepare a contingency plan for their own forces to conduct the assault.

Orders: Your Clan will conduct orbital assault at Antei in order to establish beachhead and prepare for follow-on operations in retaking the world.

Battleplan event. Create a plan to execute a blockade and invasion from orbit with your clan's forces should it become necessary.

Taldryan OOB Wiki
Naval Service Info Wiki
Antei System Wiki

Let the discussion begin!


09-03-2009 22:15:00

K, well first things first, we need to declare some objectives for ourselves...

A) We need to identify where we'll be attacking and setting up our beachhead on the planet.
B) We need to recognize and plan for possible dangers.
C) We need to position ourselves for maximum gain.

First thing we need to be aware of is that we're Dark Jedi, and our friendly Clans will likely want to [Expletive Deleted] us. So we need to be sure that we're setting ourselves up in an advantageous attacking position to aid the DB Fleet, but we also need to set ourselves up in an area that is defensible for a possible double cross.

It's also really good to remember that when you're planning BPs, you should take some effort to allocate resources to things people generally forget...
EV Pilot Recovery, Damage Assessment Crews, Strategic Reserves, etc.

We don't have all that much information concerning this event, like being supplied with a particular sector they want us to secure, so it seems like we have a lot of leeway.


10-03-2009 00:56:58

We have Space superiority.  The Vong vessels are out of commission, so we don't have to worry about them right now.  However, we don't know what may be coming in.  As such, our main focus will be Antei itself, although we must be prepared for an enemy coming from the Shroud.  All capital ships will only venture toward Antei when releasing/picking-up ships.  Otherwise they will stay a safe distance from the planet should they need to move and intercept other enemy forces.

Phase One: Air Superiority
Our first step would be to ensure we "rule" the skies.  We are coming into an unknown situation, with unknown adversaries.  As such we should expect heavy resistance, so what we throw at them should reflect that.  Our bombers would be key, as they would be charged with wiping out any ground installations and large groupings of forces that are encountered.  It should be a 2:1 ratio of fighters to bombers, so that they are well protected.  Missile Boats should be kept in reserve, but all other bombers should be deployed.

Tie Defenders should also be kept back, as I doubt they would be highly aero-dynamic in atmosphere, but all other fighters can be used.  We don't want to use them all, but the ratio should be kept.  In terms of Taldryan dark jedi, those with piloting skill should be embedded within the various squadrons.  They would not "lead", but they would act as a safety measure should there be any complications.  If need be we can also use a little Orbital Bombardment, so long as the targets are not DB structures.  We should try and avoid destroying our own things where possible

The goal is to wipe out as much as possible.  Any large ground-based installations are first priority.  Second priority is to eliminate any of the enemies fighter-threats.  Once both objectives are achieved the second phase can go into motion

Second Phase: Invasion
Once we are assured that the skies are ours, we can begin landing ground forces on the planet.  Our goal will be to re-take the Dark Hall.  We will set-up 3 temporary bases just west of the Dark Hall.  Due to the limited number of shuttles that we have, it will take 3 separate trips for it to be completely set-up.  We can also use the two VT-49 Decimators as make-shift troop transports.  The first landing will have the bulk of our recon team, as they will begin surveying our target while the other two bases are being set-up.  Fighter support will again be hugely important, as each of our shuttles and transports are highly valuable.

Once more the dark jedi who are focused on ground combat should be embedded with our troops, as added support.  An Elder should be in the first group to help with the recon.

Once all 3 bases are fully operationally we will make our way toward the Dark Hall and re-take it.  Once it is in our control, it will become our primary base of operations, from where we will then re-take any DB structures still under enemy control.  Once all structures are ours, our focus will turn to remaining forces that may be scattered around the planet.

Contingency Plans:
A lot of things could happen.  This is how our priority should look like: Space Superiority -> Air Superiority -> Ground Superiority.  Should we be in the "air" phase and suddenly an enemy fleet shows up, our whole focus should then be to the incoming Fleet.

Should we have Space Superiority but can't achieve air superiority our capital ships will then play a larger role in orbital bombardment

If we do everything else, but can't manage on the ground, we will use our capital ships and fighters to turn it all to glass.  If we can't have it, then no one can.

Here is some of what Halc had mentioned earlier as the most basic of drafts for this Battle Plan.


10-03-2009 06:21:41

Another thing to point out, is that the whole thing actually is supposed to be us creating a battleplan on how we would retake Antei... at least from the way I'm reading it.

A) We're not supposed to know that the Vong are dead.
B) We're not to count on the DB Fleet.

Maybe you could find us some clarification Shad?


10-03-2009 11:14:38

I've confirmed the fact (with both Kir and Muz) that our information is based on the end of the Prologue, which seems to show the Vong being dead and someone else on Antei. We don't know who/what is on Antei though, so we can't base our attack on anything specific

The way the BP even itself is written it seems to ask how we would do a blockade/invasion by ourselves. We can add a separate little document describing our initial "assumptions".


10-03-2009 16:32:15

Vodo has covered most of what I would suggest in his "this is what Halc suggested" post. The only point I would make is the way we've consolidated our ground forces - the way it's laid out right now, it seems like we're very much putting all our eggs in one basket, since we're basically relying on the air cover to protect us while we ferry all of our troops down.

Having all three of our bases in roughly the same geographical location is probably easier for us to manage, but it also makes us more vulnerable - seeing as we don't really know what's on Antei, there's always a possibility of a massive attack that wipes out all of our ground forces as we're landing them. Personally, I'd suggest a couple of changes - either start our bases farther away from the Dark Hall or base the landing zones further awya from each other, possibly both. Yes, each smaller group would face more resistance, but we could also send one of the groups as an advance force to draw some of the defenders away from the Dark Hall while the other two attack from different directions. Splitting the bases up over a wider area will mean that each group is slightly more vulnerable, but at least we don't risk all of our ground forces being destroyed in one shot.

The air/space portion of the plan looks good to me, with the added caveat that realistically, the Dark Hall was designed to be protected against an air assault, or possibly even an orbital bombardment. If that's the case, and we can't capture it, what do we do?

Jac Cotelin

11-03-2009 01:34:19

I agree that even if we are supposed to plan for the new Jediish folks, we need to submit our original Vong assumptions in the BP. Here are some off the top of my head:

1. We need to account for the fact that I am not there. Sarin took me to pilot some Star Destroyer. In the last GJW I was the one doing the battle meditationesque stuff so, we'll want something stating the loss of me, how I plan to reconnect with the fleet, etc.

2. We need to make a contingency based on the fact that many of the DC ships might not make it through the shroud. If the GMs can't navigate it and the Vong are not surprised, then we would need to basically have our "oh shit"/retreat plan.

3. We need a contingency plan for when the other clans chicken out. There's a major theme floating through the text that says the clans are going to pussy out on the DC, so we should act like we expect it also. This is not just us defending adouble-cross, but outright filling in for CSP jetting.

As for the Jedi, we need to be cognizant of the fact that Sarin is keeping us pinned to the outskirts and that we will have only some objectives to the whole plan...I'll think about this more tomorrow.

Jac Cotelin

11-03-2009 01:37:59

Onto the format....

We are taking orders from the two commanders in Sarin's forces. We saw them give briefings to Sarin, so we have to assume that we were briefed by them or their subordinates in the same way. We should include a copy of our "Orders" from Sarin's commanders in this and then show how we used those Orders to come up with a plan.

Our battleplan isn't that -- it's a proposal and should be treated as such. Everything should be directed to Sarin's commanders so that they can give the final ok.

I really, really liked the intelligence briefings that we did in the last GJW on various important folk. Let's do some more of those to identify possible targets and threats. I would like to see a blank intelligence report on Crask...

Keep in mind that we are dealing with Sarin and Raken as some of the graders. I don't think that style points will go *quite* as far. Let's sacrifice graphical awesomeness for content where we need to.


11-03-2009 04:41:14

Keep in mind that we are dealing with Sarin and Raken as some of the graders. I don't think that style points will go *quite* as far.  Let's sacrifice graphical awesomeness for content where we need to.

Yer absolutely right Jaccy, especially with Sarin there, he does put an awful lot of emphasis on straight up tactics, for obvious reasons. This means outlining contingency plans, plans to deal with damage, wounded soldier, are all things that matter a lot to him. Our plan should basically range from "This is ideal" to "this is what happens when the mission is fubar".


11-03-2009 09:15:23

The distinction that needs to be made is whether this plan is meant to be "If Taldryan has to go it alone" or if "Taldryan leads"

For whatever reason the impression I got was that the BP was basically asking "If Taldryan is all that there is, how do you accomplish the mission?" The distinction between the two is huge and would change things quite a bit. I don't know if this is something that we can get clarified for us. We can do tactics for one form or another...trying to do both is a bit much :P

Talked with Kir to get some clarification. The assumption is that we are being asked what we would do if the original plan completely fails and we are left alone to complete the blockade/invasion. So it is Taldryan vs. Antei/Unknown Forces. If we make our BP focus on just Taldryan, we can write a little note or "classified" document on how we may integrate other forces. However, in the end it should focus on what Tal would do if we have to go it alone.

Jac Cotelin

11-03-2009 22:26:24

I think that means more that we should do both. We have out plans from the DC -- let's articulate them, but then add a second full battleplan for when the DC dies and the other clans split and we're going alone....

Above and beyond!


12-03-2009 00:54:04

I think that means more that we should do both. We have out plans from the DC -- let's articulate them, but then add a second full battleplan for when the DC dies and the other clans split and we're going alone....

Above and beyond!



12-03-2009 06:38:39

Here’s my two cents:

-No more that two squads of fighters per capital ship.
-Rest of the fighters to be deployed to the planet, to provide cover for landing troops.

-Cruiser wings in a diamond formation around the Destroyers.
This will allow maximum offence while cover is provided should we need to make a clean retreat.

-Destroyer wings should cover a large orbital position which will be enforced by the Cruisers.

-Once this net is spread, any assaulting enemy could be given an opening, to make it seem they have broken through our lines.

-After fighters have attacked any enemy (to make it look convincing that our lines have crumbled) the Cruisers will give up their defensive positions around the Destroyers to close the net on our respective enemy.

-Any attack force that does not outnumber us with more than two-to-one odds, will be overwhelmed (and in much doo-doo).

Does that make any sense, or should I just go back to play with my dolls, I mean… action figures again?


12-03-2009 07:56:40

I think that means more that we should do both. We have out plans from the DC -- let's articulate them, but then add a second full battleplan for when the DC dies and the other clans split and we're going alone....

Above and beyond!

In talks with Muz and Kir the primary plan is that there are no DC or other Clan are going it alone right from the beginning. I am/was planning on writing another document relating to our "assumptions" and what may be done should other units be around.

I can work on the details for the Clan-only portion, as I had some more ideas for that, but if a second BP wants to be done, someone would need to get on that. Deadline is this Saturday at 11:59pm EST

Another point that came to me was the use of our dark jedi (us). Basically, we cannot plan to have any of them. Why? Well, the initial DC plans call for only our dark jedi to be imbedded with their units. So, if the DC plans get completely messed up we can't guarentee that our own dark jedi will survive in any capactiy. If they do we won't know which ones. As such the plans should consist of no dark jedi being involved.