Run-on Quick Reference


08-03-2009 20:16:51

Summit and Elder Locations*

Shadow Taldrya – Aboard CSD Justice, CIC
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib – Aboard CSD Justice, CIC
Andan Taldrya Marshall – Aboard VIN Honor, Fighter Staging Area
Vladet Xavier – Aboard BAC Dark Prophet II, Fighter Staging Area
Tarax Eosphorus Kor – Aboard BAC Dark Prophet II, CIC
Vodo Biask – Aboard MJHC Compulsor, CIC
Sidarace Rathden – Aboard GSP Flamewind, CIC
Alanna Taldrya – Aboard CSD Justice, CIC
Halcyon Rokir – Aboard MJHC Compulsor, CIC
Seraine "Erinyes" Tιnama – Aboard VIN Honor
Benevolent Taldrya Whiner – Aboard M/INT Orthanc, CIC
Acxodim Pyralis – Aboard M/INT Orthanc, CIC
Shups – Aboard BAC Dark Prophet II, CIC
Duga Taldrya Arkarso – Aboard BAC Dark Prophet II, CIC
Telaris "Mav" Taldrya – Aboard GSP Starwind, CIC
Sharad Taldrya Hett – Aboard GSP Flamewind
Keirdagh Taldrya – Aboard L/FGT Fury
Betja Jun – Abaord VT-49 Legacy, CIC
Sithspawn Taldrya - VT-49 Sentinel, CIC
Jac Cotelin Taldrya – Aboard Iron Throne Naval Ship, Antei

*Subject to rapid change


09-03-2009 17:37:18

The following members can "easily" navigate the Shroud

- Halcyon Rokir
- Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
- Shadow Taldrya
- Duga Taldrya Arkarso

They would be the ones helping the rest of the Clan get through the Shroud quickly


10-03-2009 12:13:41

Just a couple of things I wanted to mention regarding Erinyes... at the moment her sheet is built as a strategist, and (once Halc approves the update) will have Battle Meditation, so it might make sense to have her aboard the Justice to support Lannie on the BM end of things.

Alternately, we don't have anyone listed as in CIC aboard the Honor. Crix tells me that being in CIC means you're commanding the ship, and I'm the only one listed there period... Was that intended to be commanded by an NPC? If not, do you need me commanding there?

Let me know what the decision is, and I'll write my RO post based on it.


10-03-2009 13:12:27

I don't believe being listed in the CIC means you're "in charge"...that isn't how the Taldryan military works. I think the theory behind having high-level jedi on each ship is to ensure we're all "connected" outside of relying on ship instruments. Especially in the Shroud where we can get lost, it would help to have jedi you can keep connected to one another in some way.

So yeah, even if you're in the CIC you won't be directly in charge. You're just the Tal-jedi aboard the ship to help out when your talents are needed.