Ooc: Unificaton Run-on


08-03-2009 00:35:38

Hey everyone,

This will be the place to discuss our Run-On, so please look in here before posting to see if there are any new ideas, or new orders that have come up. For right now, please don't post anything until someone on the Summit makes the opening post. However, feel free to begin making comments, suggestions, etc...

Good luck and have fun!

Aidan Kincaid

08-03-2009 16:55:08

Okay. Having read the prologue and are current objectives, the first phase of the plot is rather simple. After being united with the rest of the Brotherhood in the RADAMA VOID, we're to make our way through the Shroud (guided by Elders of the Clan), where we will encounter minimal Vong forces that are dead or dying. by the end of this first round we should be exiting the Shroud and joining the blockade around Antei.

These first few posts will establish where you are (aboard what ship, a part of what fighter group, etc) so if you want to participate throughout, this is the best time to start (though you can write yourself in later as well).

We'll start off at a leisurely pace, gathering are forces to jump to the Antei system. We're not using our own army, but there are naval officers you can interact with aboard the ships if you want. Basically, start preparing yourself for war - whether you want to start out in a fighter or prepping for the ground assault. You have a vague idea of what's about to happen, but for the most part all you know is that we're taking Antei back by force.

I'll be posting later tonight to start things off...

Before writing, put up a "posting" reply on teh forum to save your spot and warn people from writing ahead of you. This keeps the story linear during major plot changes.

If you're unsure of what to write as a Summit member.

For the love of Tal be realistic. If you're a journeyman or equite (that isn't Summit) you probably won't be ordering people around, and you will definitely NOT be a lightsaber/Force god. Use your new character sheet to define your limitations in the RO, fiction, and everything else.

Follow any direct orders given to you by a Summit member. They'll tell you to do stuff for a reason, and it's part of being realistic. If you have "bad thoughts" about the situation or your leaders you don't tell them or mention it openly... that's a good way to get killed (and we've killed people in the past).

Have fun, but remember this is a serious event. This isn't light and breezy like some GJWs have been - we're at war with a superior Force and we have lost ships and people and are angry. Be angry.

Continue discussing plot points and ideas here!


09-03-2009 12:01:37

A couple of quick points. First off, the "Elders" are the ones currently helping us navigate through the Shroud. We must remember though that there are now specific powers relating to Shroud-navigation. As such, don't write every Elder as being able to directly navigate things themselves. I'll try and elaborate on this point a bit more when I post (hoping to get a post in today).

Also, to prolong things just a bit more, perhaps we can be pulled out of hyperspace and face a few Vong. It wouldn't be a hard fight, as they would be very "sickly" (as per the Orders), but it would add a little more to our posts and get a little more mileage out of the first week.


09-03-2009 13:59:30

Sorry...double-posting, I know, but an important point. We can't travel through the Shroud in hyperspace. That's what the DC did, hence why they are getting there ahead of us. We need to go through it at sub-light speed, hence the couple of days it will take to arrive. If everyone who posted can update their posts by removing mention of hyperspace travel, that'd be great

Aidan Kincaid

09-03-2009 14:11:23

We are hyperspacing from the rally point to Antei, though, right? The Shroud is obviously in the Antei System, so we travel there then sublight through?


09-03-2009 14:45:03

Ok...point has been settled. We go from the initial rallying point to the Shroud. From there we sub-light it in the rest of the way and end up at Antei. Good good :P


11-03-2009 12:36:54

Why don't we have a cruiser collide with a large stellar body. Its not crippled, but badly damaged, and enough of a hassle that it would require evacuating large portions of the ship?


11-03-2009 18:01:13

I'd assume all ships have their shields up, although I was thinking of having us do something similar (without all the crippling :P). It would actually be a "dead" Vong ship colliding with one of the Tal ships. There would be a Vong fleet in the same area, except that they'd already be half dead. We wouldn't know why, but we can use them for some target practice. They would put up as much fight as they could, but they're already nearly gone, so we would just finish them off and scratch our heads as to wtf was happening.

Other than a little "action" scene not much else to do. Once we arrive at Antei we're done for the week.

Aidan Kincaid

16-03-2009 13:57:41

Ok people. Week Two has started and we have something to actually do. My post sets Taldryan up to encounter a fortified enemy outpost, which we'll be attacking from multiple directions in small groups. So if you have a friend or two you want to write with, work with them.

Make your way to enemy encampment. Don’t go off mission, as we’re all working towards the same goal. Light encounters with sentries and the like are fine, but nothing major.

Taldryan is working with a specific division of the Army. You can get information on them here: 2/2 Infantry Pay attention their organization - who the commanders are (they're named) and what equipment they have.

Our current objectives are fairly vague. We're moving southeast from the planetary beachhead and tasked with destroying infantry and artillery. Assume the outpost is a staging ground and get your awesome on.


26-03-2009 16:48:27


The outpost has been left behind, and the soldiers with it. As a Clan, we are headed on foot north to FOB Speer to reinforce the Soldiers and Naga Sadow Jedi there. Stay tuned for the action


28-03-2009 19:47:40


We've made it to the Forward Operating Base, and are engaged in fighting droid forces on the front lines.

Enjoy a good old fashion battle, clone wars style.

We are working with the 2/41st infantry alongside the Dark Jedi of Naga Sadow. the 2/2 might show up later


31-03-2009 21:46:07

Taldryan Jedi are making a break through the front lines of FOB Spear to a droid factory behind it. naga Sadow has decided to steal the glory, rather than do their job of holding the line and cover our rear.

it is a race between our two clans who can make it to the Factory and destroy it first.


07-04-2009 12:33:07

We are at the factory, blowing it up, but the droids are reinforcing their numbers, and we are outgunned, surrounded, and generally in a bad spot. Three members will be kidnapped; Bubbles, Myself, and Sidarace. You need to find our location via transponder beacons and either rescue us, or detail how we die (don't do that). I'll post tonight, detailing our capture.


07-04-2009 13:22:20

Mk, so for purposes of writing I am giving the option of killing my character (Fictionally, not pulling a Crix here =P) while upon my imprisonment.

Though if killing my character for real (Pulling a Crix) would definitely better the over all story of the RO and it won't be for nothing, I may be willing to allow that.

So, talk!

Tarax Kor

09-04-2009 06:33:45

Die plz. kkthx.



21-04-2009 18:16:28

IN the Run-On we have:

-Landed on Antei, held the initial Planetary Beachhead
-Moved out to attack a ridge that held an artillery emplacement and took it.
-Was order to march thirty kilometers without transport to reinforce CNS against a droid onslaught, pushed back the droid offensive
-beat through the droids to a factory, were surrounded it and blew the factory
-during the battle factory Bubbles, Sidarace and myself were kidnapped by the Jedi rescuing Lokasena
-The Clan was ordered to move against the Triumvirate Library and secure it, Battleteam Phoenix went to the Dark Hall to rescue the kidnapped members
-Sidarace was converted by Crask to the Light Side, fought Vodo, and was killed. The battle team escaped and were shot down east of the dark hall
-The clan defeated the perimeter of the jedi army around the Triumvirate Library, but decided against entering to secure the factory. The entrance was blown instead, trapping the droids and Jedi inside.
-Vardar has taken a mission to locate and rescue the downed Battleteam

We still need to secure our position around the Library against possible counter-attack. We've been at war for something like a week and a half non-stop without rest or resupply, so a constant theme has been exhaustion. Only the elders should be in any condition to really fight, and even then they are drained.

There is a space thread of the battle covering the actions of of our Naval Forces against sorties of enemy fighters during the main portion of the GJW and then against the SSD mentioned in the last chapter of the main plot.

Any questions?


22-04-2009 02:39:07

You missed 'Bubbs is mightily pissed at Vodo' :P

Makes a gerat topic for the fiction this week mind ;)


23-04-2009 04:20:04

Towards Friday/Saturday, i guess we should get an order to move out towards the Dark Hall to help reclaim that?