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Run-on Event General Information

The run-on will be governed by several factors:

1)The fictional circumstances set forth in Unification corresponding with the current week’s chapter and past chapters
2)That week’s current Guidance found in the Run-On Event information section
3)The Grand Master’s orders also found in the information section
4)Any additional guidance from GJW staff

In the story of Unification, each Clan’s Jedi—and only their Jedi—have been assigned to work with elements of the Army of the Iron Throne as it reclaims Antei. There are no ground forces from the Clans’ militaries on Antei. The Grand Master’s own military forces will carry out the attack and the dark Jedi of the Brotherhood support them.

The story is not specific about how these objectives are achieved. It only alludes to which Clan was assigned to which element of the Army, what they attacked, and the result. The Clans will fill in the details of how they achieved the objectives, etc through their run-ons. Use the resources found across the Dark Brotherhood’s websites, especially the Wiki. The following links will be particularly helpful:

Dark Council Armed Forces Information
Ground Map of Antei

If a unit is missing an NPC name in the Wiki article, such as a commanding officer, then create one for it in your run-on.

The next post on this thread will be orders from the Grand Master - get ready.


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Prologue - “Return to Antei”
You have departed the Radama Void to rendezvous at Antei with Sarin and his forces. While the Grand Master risks much in a brave attempt to surprise the enemy, your Clan approaches cautiously through the Shroud. Once inside, the Elders of your Clan guide their fleet through the hazards within to see you on to Antei.

Like a beacon, the dark star of Ante calls to the Elders and through the Force, they answer and draw nearer. But the Shroud is infamous within the Brotherhood for its treacherous morass of obstacles. Borne of both the fates of devastated star systems, and the dark side of the Force, the route through the Shroud is not always an easy one.

Matters complicate themselves as your fleet begins to encounter the odd Yuuzhan Vong warship along the way. They are a sickly pallor and appear wounded and dying; they are shadows of their former selves. What could have laid these mighty conquerors so low? You do not yet know, but soon will when you arrive at Antei.

Grand Master's Orders
All Clans arrive at Antei within two days to reinforce planetary blockade established by Eighth Fleet in order to support follow-on invasion.

This is your beginning. Use the Prologue. Use this set-up. Follow the orders and meet the objectives. Use your imagination. The rest is up to you. Have fun.

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Taldryan – Operation Carbonite
One of the first to land, Taldryan faced intense fighting within seconds of landing. Forcing out into the battlefield, the darksiders of Taldryan helped to establish a more secure landing zone for the other clans and reinforcements…at least until the tanks started pounding away at the prefabricated structures.

Grand Master’s Orders (Taldryan)
Mobilize southeast in order to engage and destroy enemy infantry and artillery.

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Current updated map!

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Strategic Phase Map

Week 2 – “and All the Old Threats…”
Your war is waged in earnest now. Moving from one objective to the next your Clan continues to engage the enemy at critical locations. While the battle rages against Crask’s forces, old feuds renew between your Clan and its rivals in the Brotherhood. Despite the cooperation the Grand Master has demanded from the Clans, you find your grudges hard to lay down. When presented the opportunity, you strike at your “brethren” as viciously as you do the enemy.

Use Chapter 2. Use this set-up. Follow your Clan-specific orders and meet the objectives. We fight the enemy, but as ever, we fight ourselves. When your path crosses that of your rival’s, or even when it doesn’t, strike at him and it will be you who possess the title “First Clan”. The rest is up to you. Have fun.

Taldryan – Operation Spanner
The column of artillery was not an easy target. Having sustained heavy losses, Taldryan managed to distract them enough to be able to call in close-air support that obliterated the remnants. Nursing their wounded, the clan needs a fortified position to regroup.

Grand Master’s Orders (Taldryan)
Proceed north to conduct link-up with Naga Sadow forces in order to reinforce Forward Operating Base Spear.

Muz Ashen

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Week 3 – “Make Havoc…”
The elite soldiers among your dark Jedi speak of “Violence of Action”. When war is your trade, this concept is your finest tool. Unleash the dark Force within yourself and push your body, and your Clan, to new limits.


Use Chapter 3. Use this set-up. Follow your Clan-specific orders and meet the objectives. Embrace the hell of war and let it keep you warm. The rest is up to you. Have fun.

Strategic Phase Map

Taldryan – Objective Strider
Reinforcing the Sadow forces was necessary, if distasteful, for the Dark Jedi of Taldryan. Having helped reclaim the base, Taldryan was ordered eastward, to deal with several entrenched bunkers. While fighting hip-deep in battle droids, a new objective was sighted: a prefabricated droid assembly plant.

Grand Master’s Orders (Taldryan)
Conduct assault on droid assembly plant in order to reduce enemy production capability.


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wtb sticky

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Week 4 – “for All Who Know…”
The outcome of this war is not yet decided. Your Clan makes advances, allowing the Army of the Iron Throne to reclaim Sarin’s prize, but it also suffers defeats. You wonder if there is an end to it, if the next objective will be your last. You can feel the weariness from battle, but the promise of glory pushes you onward. Pride sustains you.

The chance to stand above all around you as a legend of this war is too great an achievement to let slip away. But no matter how powerful you think you are, you will feel the effects of this war.

Use Chapter 4. Use this set-up. Follow your Clan-specific orders and meet the objectives. Before you make your character a god, remember that heroes die. The rest is up to you. Have fun.

Strategic Phase Map

Taldryan – Operation Ditanium
As the droid assembly plant smolders, the mortars start flying. Any pretense of salvaging the ruin abandoned by the enemy is shattered. Flanked by battle droids, and facing heavy artillery and armor, Taldryan has to fight a battle on two fronts. Worse still, three of your number have been lost, dragged away by droids, and their tracing beacons show that they are not far from your position.

Grand Master’s Orders (Taldryan)
Conduct combat search and rescue in order to recover lost personnel.

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Week 5 – “the End is Near…”
It starts to turn. You can feel it. To hell with Sarin’s victory, this is your achievement; this is your time. The enemy is on his back foot. You have led the Grand Master’s forces to this moment, not his Council, not his Generals, you and your Clan have seen to this.

Take the final step in your journey after the fall of Antei and reclaim the jewel of the Brotherhood for the Grand Master and his precious Council. Your prize will come soon enough; your name, and that of your Clan’s, will live forever.

This is your climax. Use Chapter 5. Use this set-up. Follow your Clan-specific orders and meet the objectives. Everything has led to this. Create a finale to your tale that will be the envy of the other Clans. The rest is up to you. Have fun.

Strategic Phase Map

Taldryan – Objective Kliknik
With the artillery out of commission, the air transports were able to slip through with minimal damage, most of the droids crushed under the boot of Taldryan forces. Slipping away from the ruined stronghold, the airships skirt the cliffs at the edge of the Du’Sann boundary until heavy anti-aircraft fire forces them to the ground.

Grand Master’s Orders (Taldryan)
Conduct raid on Triumvirate Library and capture intact in order to reclaim key terrain. Avoid collateral damage if possible.

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Week 6 – “as the New Era Begins”
You have followed your orders and done all that was asked. The war has been won, but at what cost to you and your Clan, to the Brotherhood? This end not even the mightiest of the Elders could have foreseen. What do you make of it? Where do you go from here? What does the future hold for us now?

This is your end. Use Chapter 6. Use this set-up. Follow your Clan-specific orders and meet the objectives. What happens now? The rest is up to you. Have fun.

Grand Master’s Orders
Fortify your position to prepare for possible counter-attack.