First Topic


23-02-2009 17:33:26

Forum cherry has been popped!

Vladet Xavier

23-02-2009 22:39:55

I need a Bronze Nova this time around ...


07-03-2009 04:50:46

I already warned my gf.
"Over the next month, I'll live on coffee and doughnuts. No other distractions."

She replied; "Your clan owes me a lot of fun-time when your little war is finished."

I replied; "Sorry, babe. They're all of the other persuasion." ;)



08-03-2009 22:21:19

Haha, that's awesome Sena. Though, isn't she in the DB? Or is she in one of those clans that aren't going to even try and win? =]


11-03-2009 06:56:21

Oh, they'll try...

and FAIL >:D