GJW X Debate: Light Jedi; Yay or Nay?


18-09-2011 18:21:20

The Dark Council has come to each individual Clan and House system to discuss the issue with the light jedi currently a part of the Brotherhood. Opinions on both sides of the issue have formed, with both sides putting forth their arguments to the Dark Council on whether or not to keep these light jedi around.

In Odan-Urr a similar conversation takes place between themselves and whether to continue to stay a part of the Brotherhood or find their own path away from the darkness

Light Jedi; Yay or Nay? Debate Event
-The debate will be conducted in specially designated forums, already set up for each House/Clan. Passwords may be obtained from Consuls and Quaestors
-Each Clan/House will decide who will form the two teams that will debate one another
-Clan/House members will debate one another on whether or not it is a good idea to have the light jedi as part of the DJB
-Members of Odan-Urr will debate on whether it is a good idea for them to stay with the DJB
-There must be a minimum of 3 members per team and each member must post to count for participation
-Same person may not post back-to-back for their team
-Same team cannot post back-to-back
-Cannot edit your post once another post is up
-To “count” for participation a post must be at least 250 words in length
-Debate is to be “In Character”

-Entries will be graded on Grammar, Readability, Continuity and Persuasiveness of argument
-If a Clan or House is not able to get the requisite minimum number of participants, or have a completed debate, they will earn no points

Either side may begin with their opening statement


23-09-2011 00:41:16

[Pro HOU team: Archangel, Akatsuki, Eether, Shadow]
[Anti HOU team: Xen'Mordin, Thran, Xantros]

With this opening statement, my group and I will explain and prove that the inclusion of House Odan-Urr will be profitable, as well as a boon to our forces and the Dark Brotherhood as a whole. We intend to counter any arguments put forth by our opponents, as the positive aspects far outweigh any drawbacks that the inclusion may bring.

When we consider the Force as an entity, as most Force Users understand and perceive it, we know there are many facets to it which cannot be explained. Why does a vision of the future appear to one person, but not another? We do not know, and it is unlikely that we will ever know. Perhaps, we could consider that it is the way of the Force that their inclusion be allowed? Perhaps, their 'weak' ways may be of some great importance in future.

Consider, if you will, the fact that one of the most widely held beliefs amongst Force users is that the Force is, in essence, a coin. A coin, which has two sides, different from one another, but similar in make up. They are eternally melded together. Without one, there cannot be the other. The Dark Side is one side of this coin. The Light side resides on the other. Without the Light, there can be no Dark. There is no shadow if there is no light source to cast it. We need Odan-Urr, as a counter balance. We reside so firmly in the Dark, that the light is too hard, or too far to see. We need Odan-Urr as a compass, to keep us steady in the currents of the Force.

But yet, we must always remember that the eternal enemy of Darkness is the Light. The Jedi, under so-called Grand Master Skywalker, are a dangerous entity. Our security and defense relies, at the moment, on Imperial dogma and Dark Side combat. We must change and evolve to react to this threat to our security. We must find their weaknesses, their flaws, their limits. We must find these and exploit them to our own advantage, such as developing a new skill with which to counter that which the Jedi might use against us. With Odan-Urr in our ranks, we can lure Jedi to us, capture them, study them, dissect them. Rip any morsel of information from their minds before they die, and use it against their all-mighty Grand Master and his minions. This is an invaluable opportunity to understand the Jedi, to counter them, and we cannot let this slip through our fingers.

Lastly, we look to Odan-Urr itself. Barely a handful of Jedi, with loyalties to a long dead master. This is hardly a basis for an insurrection or even a mild uprising! What do they have in the way of manpower at the beck and call? A horde of barbarians, tribal warriors who are so under-evolved that their animal ancestry is probably still well-fortified within their genus. Their fleet is laughable at best. A museum’s worth of ancient fighters, kept together with bits of string and flimsiplast! A TIE Defender could eradicate them at the pilot's leisure! They are hardly a threat, and any point towards this fact is baseless.

Without Odan-Urr, we would probably be just fine. We might even be successful against the Galactic Alliance. We might even counter intrusions from Skywalker's Jedi. But we with them, we are more powerful than they could ever be. More resourceful, more subtly, and far stronger prepared than they could ever expect us to be. It gives us far too many opportunities for success to just let it go to waste.

We relinquish the floor to our opponents.


23-09-2011 05:53:02

The opposition would have you believe that the presence of House Odan-Urr is harmless, that the presence of Jedi would be a benefit to the Brotherhood, and that we are benefiting ourselves by allowing their continued existence. They are very wrong. Yes, the Force is like a coin. It has two sides. However, ladies and gentlemen, we must not focus on the coin. We must focus on the outcome of a flip of that coin. One side means life, the other means death. In the case of this Coin of the Force, our survival depends upon the Dark-Side of the coin. We need that side to land face up. If it doesn’t, our
very existence is in jeopardy.

Self-preservation is a basic instinct in nearly every intelligent form of life. This is a fact of nature; something we can all agree upon. It is because of the very polar differences in the dogmas of our cultures that we cannot allow House Odan-Urr to exist. It is impossible, on a doctrinal level, for Jedi and Sith to coexist.

The Sith are, at heart, the core of the Dark Side. Certainly we embrace other practices, but at heart of the Dark Brotherhood is the Sith. If it were not for the great Sith Lords, most of us would not have been drawn to this barren patch of space. The Sith, in their very essence, are the legend, the myth that brings us all to the Dark-Side. Without the Sith, The Brotherhood is nothing. If you allow the Jedi dogma to penetrate the minds and thoughts of the Brotherhood, it will destroy the presence of the Sith from within.

The Sith are leaders, masters in self-preservation. Their ideas and practices resound throughout the Brotherhood. The powers of the Elders, our war-like nature; this is no place for Jedi. They seek only peace. Peace means boredom. Peace means stagnation. Peace means death to the Sith.
Keeping the Jedi House in the Brotherhood is a danger to the Brotherhood, because they are a danger to the Sith. Surely, we could dispose of them, and I believe we ought to. But, let us examine this further.
So, we keep House Odan-Urr around. What is to prevent them from jetting off to tell Skywalker and the New Republic of our existence, our operating procedures, and our position? Nothing. We cannot trust House Odan-Urr to uphold our vows of secrecy. This is because they do not share our views. I hope that I don’t need to reiterate how very different the views of the Jedi and the Sith are. Need I recite the respective codes?

I thought not. Where was I? Yes. The Jedi House threatens to expose the secret workings of an Empire built on the blood, sweat, and tears of many souls. My own included. What prevents Odan-Urr from relaying our weakness, our disadvantages, and our failures to Skywalker’s order? More importantly, what encourages them to relay Skywalker’s information to us? Skywalker is so caught up in war and turmoil; he will destroy us just for publicity. I know this game. I’ve hired people to do it for me.
The truth is…there is no concrete reason for House Odan-Urr to be here. They are not a useful resource. Really, they are a problem waiting to happen. They are an unnecessary risk. They threaten the Sith. Clearly the Jedi threaten the Sith, thus they threaten the Brotherhood. It is quite clear that any potential benefit we may incur from their continued existence is far outweighed by the potential for destruction of the Brotherhood as a whole.


23-09-2011 07:58:02

The opposition has made some valid points; however, House Odan-Urr is harmless. The argument has been derailed from the fact that darkness doesn't exist without light, there has to be balance. The analogy of 'flipping the coin' is faulty due to the fact that we Sith are master tacticians and can handle any potential threats whether legitimate or contrived by the opponents. While there might be the potential for loss of life in the case of this 'worst case scenario' Coin of the Force, history would repeat itself as in the time of the Jedi purge. By being able to concentrate on the ways and method of Odan-Urr, we can build strength by 'keeping our enemies close' and discovering what, if any, secrets they keep.

It is true that self-preservation is a basic instinct. Where I take issue with our opponent’s argument is in stating that the difference in beliefs and practices of our cultures make it impossible to co-exist. That theory is off base. That would be like saying day and night cannot co-exist in the same day.

Our opponents are correct: The Sith are the Dark Side. Anakin didn’t fall to the ‘influences’ of Qui-Gon-Jinn or Obi-Wan. Therefore, it would be false, catastrophic thinking to extend the fantasy to believe it would even affect the Sith, much less destroy the presence of the Sith to permit Odan-Urr to remain.

The lives of the two cultures are quite similar. We have the Shadow Academy, they have the Jedi Academy. They have to work hard and be dedicated to rise in rank just as we do.
They learn from, and answer to a Master. By observing the ways they learn and study, like observing a rat in a maze, we can begin to predict every move before they conceive it. They simply don’t have the ‘man-power’ or the fleet to ‘jet off’ to tell Skywalker and the New Republic anything of us. Odan-Urr wouldn’t understand our ways, if we were to explain it to them. There should zero fear of them repeating our codes or informing others of our ways.

For us to fear Odan-Urr simply boils down to a ‘the sky is falling’ mentality when it clearly isn’t. I was sent by the Brotherhood to spy on Odan-Urr and the facts are they live day to day life just as we do here on the Dark Side. The people work hard, they play hard and study hard; but they live without passion for life. The members of Odan-Urr have fear. Fear of love, fear of loss, fear of failure and fear of death. Their lives are ruled by the same fear we embrace.

To offer the flip side, or an alternative, if you will, to the Dark ways would bring many new members to the Brotherhood. To allow Odan-Urr to remain is to infuse fresh blood into the Brotherhood. This new blood doesn’t pose a threat, but instead brings potential for further learning, and many profitable benefits.


23-09-2011 17:10:50

The opposition has some interesting ideas but continues to suffer from a fundamental misunderstanding of what having Jedi in our presence actually means. The Jedi of Odan-Urr live in loyalty to a long dead master. When push comes to shove their code will not allow them to bend to the will of the Grandmaster. This fundamental and critical differing the two groups do not allow coexistence.

First a brief history lesson; Again and again the existence of these two sides of the coin have lead to war. It is known in around 24,500 BBY the first Great Schism occurred. The Hundred-Year Darkness began in 7,003 BBY. The Great Hyperspace War was fought in 5,000 BBY. Revan and his apprentice Malak fought a long brutal war with the Jedi in what is now known as the Great Jedi Civil War. These are just a handful of the many times the Jedi and the Sith have fought through the ages. One cannot simply ignore the repetition of history. These wars have happened before, and they will happen again. It has been suggested we are part of the same coin. A coin cannot be both heads and tails. Thus we cannot have both sides coexist.

The opposition insists that we need these Jedi to allow ourselves greater access to the Force. This is a foolish mentality. The Jedi are the ones who block themselves off from the force. They limit their emotions; they refuse to access the wide spectrum that the single power that is the Force allows. We as wielders of the Dark Side do no limit ourselves in this manner. We are capable of both rage and compassion. Who among us has not healed our self or a wounded brother on the battlefield? Who among us has not forced the life out of those who are not worthy of it? They are capable of far less than we are.

The opposition has also said that Odan-Urr is not just a utility for our own force powers but a useful tool against the Jedi under Skywalker. It has been suggested we use the Jedi of Odan-Urr to gain more knowledge of our real enemy, the Jedi of Skywalker. This is a childish idea. The Brotherhood’s Jedi know full well what we are, and what we stand for. For them to provide information about what the New Jedi Order is doing and functioning would be in our benefit yes. But that would give the Dark Side more power; it would make it more likely for us to over throw this new Jedi regime. However it puts their entire code at risk, they would be in part responsible for the deaths of their own kind, something their code would not stand for. This conflict renders them useless to our cause.

Finally the opposition has said that Odan-Urr is no real threat to our security on several occasions. This is an optimistic few of the world. Odan-Urr may be small in numbers, but it does not take many to bring down an empire. They know who we are, where we reside, what we do. This knowledge alone is the most dangerous weapon against us. We cannot police the entirety of their system. We may be knowledgeable but not even the Grandmaster can see every move. It is far too easy for Odan-Urr to send out a group to let the New Jedi Order know about us. They can let the New Republic fight the battle for them and when the dust settles we will be eliminated all because of the information they hold. And if they rebel alone without the aid of the Republic and the other Jedi, it is foolish to think we as a Brotherhood are so strong and stable. We war among ourselves constantly. Even united in a cause we bicker, and those fractures in the alliance are all it takes for us to fall at the hands of this small group. Odan-Urr is far from harmless and we, the Brotherhood, are far from invincible.

The users of the Dark Side have had millennia to study the Jedi. Keeping these Jedi as some lab rats to toy with and observe is a foolish idea for the damage they cause. We, the users of the dark side, have come so far in our understanding of the force. This small group offers little to help and so much in the way of our destruction. When push comes to shove they will serve their beliefs in the force over whatever passionless words of loyalty they made to the Iron Throne.


24-09-2011 01:43:38

[This is posted for Eether, as he has had forum login problems. All credit goes to him]

As my colleagues have clearly stated, the Brotherhood that currently exists needs Odan-Urr to thrive and continue to grow. As one of my partners Archangel stated, the difference in the force abilities that some may encounter and others are not as lucky; we need Odan-Urr close to figure out their own abilities that we do not have access to. Sadly, Thran is over zealous by saying that if the "coin" lands "face-up" then our "very existence is in jeopardy."

That would mean, in essence, that the Brotherhood as a whole would give up without a fight. Is that really the case my brothers and sisters? If backed up into a corner with no easy way out, would we not fight back with all of our strength? It seems in actuality, that if faced with the impending doom that my opponent Thran has brought up, is not the case. With the light-side of the force always quarreling with the dark-side, neither will every truly grow dim and blink out of existence. We can however, keep our enemies close in which we may keep their light at bay for the entirety of their pitiful existence. We can therefore keep the balance in the force AND ourselves in dominance.

Continuing onto my master Xen'Mordin's droll in history information, yes; there have always been and will always be wars between the two sides. The fact of the matter is, has it really given us any cause or reason to cower and hide from this? No, it certainly has not. Clearly we are still here, thriving despite our occasional issues and jagged edges that comes with the territory of housing a great many dark minds together in one area.

As my master so rightfully stated, "These wars have happened before, and they will happen again," why should we then not prepare ourselves so that when the next inevitable war creeps upon us, we will be ready to crush those insects as quickly as they rose against us. Why should we not take care in securing our future? With Odan-Urr here, we can easily obtain that mentality and morality against the pitiful Jedi.

Our dear sister Akatsuki has grasped the absurd idea of the Brotherhood eradicating Odan-Urr out of fear was just the beginning. The Jedi create a focus for us to use to create a rampart against. Where then, without the Jedi, would we cast our hatred and utter chaos towards? The people of the universe fear us because the Jedi themselves fear us! We are the stories in which parents tell their kids when they put them to bed, we are the reason people creep quickly and fretfully through the dark. Without the Jedi to instill fear into the universe as a whole, we would be severely infective.

Without Odan-Urr here, our quarreling and throat cutting would increase exponentially because we would forget where our true hatred lies. Including for instance, what would do you fellow Sith think if we were able to figure out a way to corrupt those of Odan-Urr?

Think of the possibilities in which we could truly turn them to our side, not just temporarily. Figure out their fears, use them to our advantage and instil great fear upon them to the likes of which they have never even thought a possibility before. With those of Odan-Urr becoming Brotherhood members, we could then infect the rest of Skywalker's pitiful Jedi. Use the information we are able to gather and slowly plant seeds of darkness into the hearts of them, corrupting them into monsters. The things that we can do with the power we can harness from these Jedi in our vicinity can greatly increase our moral and membership.

Lastly, as our opponents have rightly stated, if thinking that Odan-Urr truly posed a severe threat to our society as a whole, there are various ways to deal with their insolence. For example, we could easily destroy any flight technology that they have, as well as anything used for transmitting messages or codes. We could even pose a game of sorts and slaughter them for fun as if they were in a range, harness our own fighting skills against them, take what we know of them and make it better! If they truly posed a threat then we shall dwindle their numbers, but always let them stay alive, hiding under the rocks, quelling any possible rebellions, showing them which side truly is the dominant side of the force and kick them when they are down even more.

Even if the Sith have had a millennia to study the Jedi, they are forever changing, evolving their techniques and abilities. As should we, otherwise, we would become rusty and useless, if we are to keep striving forward and never to look back, we need Odan-Urr to make sure that we never fall behind. It is easy to view the little pests when they are so close, rather than the Jedi Order as a whole.

In conclusion my brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood, we on the side for House Odan-Urr to continue their pitiful existence within our lives have proven to be deserving of the end verdict. Our points of logic have no holes within them. In closing, we feel that our argument is best because as so many times stated before this, with out the light, there would be no darkness. Without House Odan-Urr to keep us thriving, growing and swelling with the dark-side of the force, we would have nothing to continuously push ourselves forward in the path towards victory!

Thank you.


24-09-2011 05:03:56

Definitely, Eether has made a good point, stating that we can dominate House Odan-Urr. However, the case is much deeper. The war between Odan-Urr and one of other Houses would last very long, unless an unexpected event would provide an overwhelming advantage of one House over the other. Otherwise, the result would be very uncertain. Also, even if the House consisting of the Dark Jedi would turn out to be victorious, it would be very weakened by the long war. Be aware of our nature, I am pretty sure that it would result in internal war within the Dark Brotherhood, as other Houses and Clans would be eager to use the opportunity to destroy weak House. The war between allies and enemies of that House would break out. It would have very devastating influence on the Dark Brotherhood and we cannot allow that to happen, if we wish to make sure that the Dark Brotherhood shall grow in numbers and become strong enough, to introduce the Final Order in the Galaxy.

War expresses our nature, but we need to choose wisely the time of the war and our enemies. The upcoming Great Jedi War means that the Dark Jedi will turn against each other. It will create chaos, amidst which members of Odan-Urr may strike and defeat us all, when we will be busy and weakened. Any major conflict in the future will put as in the same situation and in the same danger. That is why; we believe that House Odan-Urr shall not remain in the ranks of Dark Jedi Brotherhood. While we are ready to put our lives at risk in the service of the Brotherhood, we shall not act as fools and expose ourselves to unnecessary risk.

We believe that doubts of our opposition, regarding that we would have no target to channel our hatred at, have no basis. Removing Jedi from our ranks shall strengthen the Dark Brotherhood, make it less vulnerable to internal conflicts and help us get rid of internal threat posed by the members of House Odan-Urr. As a result, we shall be able to focus all our attention on bringing our plans to life. We would be able to cast our hatred at the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order with no need to watch our back. In addition to that, there are numerous hidden enemies of the Dark Brotherhood. Getting rid of Jedi from our ranks would not result in the suffering of common citizens. They would not feel our wraith, unless they would somehow attack us. No, we would not forget where our hatred lies and we would not destroy ourselves.

Honestly, the chance to corrupt whole House of Jedi and to turn them to follow the Dark Side is hardly possible. Of course, certain individuals may be drawn to the Dark Side, but the influence of the organized group makes it almost impossible to convert all of them in the time short enough to solve the problem quickly. It would probably require all Elders of the Dark Brotherhood to join their power and we all know that it is impossible, due to tensions between the Houses and the Clans. I believe that while our House consists of several very powerful Dark Jedi, its members alone are not able to be successful in this matter.

It is obvious that the opposition has not taken the lesson of the history. After the era of the New Sith Wars, the Old Republic and the Jedi Order were convinced that the Sith had been completely vanished. As a result, they have stopped looking for the Sith. Also, there were some other, lesser changes introduced in the Jedi Order with Makashi Form becoming much less popular among the Jedi as an example of these changes. However, a thousand years later, it turned out that the Jedi Order has made serious mistake. Then, it was too late to prevent the Great Jedi Purge and the fall of the Old Republic. Certainly, the Jedi Order and the Republic have been revived, but they are weaker than before. Numerous conflicts uncover their weakness and the fact that their existence is based on luck, instead of real power and strength. We do not wish it to happen in our case. We do not agree to allow members of Odan Urr to remain in our ranks, because they may destroy us one day.

We do not think that it is a wise choice to allow the Jedi to remain in the ranks of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in order to study them and to gain the knowledge about the Light Side, because the costs of this decision may be too high. What profits does the one gain from the knowledge, when they are dead? None. In such case, the knowledge is useless. There are few members of the Dark Brotherhood, who could summon spirits of dead Dark Jedi in order to question them and to learn their knowledge. The price is too high and the reward is too vague.

Our final argument is that by allowing the Jedi into our ranks, we reject our traditions. We cast our heritage away. If we ally with the Jedi in any way, we are not worth of calling ourselves the successors of the Sith. There is no place for the Jedi in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, because it is against the tradition of the Sith. We are sworn and eternal enemies, not faithful and loyal friends. Their presence in the ranks of Dark Jedi Brotherood is the first of signs that reveal the fact that our organization is in the last phase of decay.

To sum up our arguments, the Jedi of House Odan-Urr poses a significant threat to our House and to the Dark Brotherhood as the whole. There is nothing that could prevent them to report what they know about us to the Jedi Order and to the Galactic Alliance. What is more, they shall use any opportunity to purge the Galaxy of the Dark Jedi...including us. They will set plots against us and they will take up attempts to make us fight each other. Any benefits that may come from keeping the Jedi House in the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood mean nothing, when the price of getting them is the destruction of the Brotherhood. It is impossible to watch the members of House Odan-Urr for all the time and even if we managed to keep them under constant control, they would not develop themselves as our opposition believes they would. Their development and growth would me limited and slowed down, so our benefits would be much lesser than our opposition expects. Once again, it turns out the costs of keeping the Jedi in our ranks are simply too high.

In their own summary, our opposition claims that without light there is no darkness. This statement is incorrect, because the truth is opposite. Without the darkness, there is no light. It is impossible to name the darkness and the light if one of them does not exist, but we do know that the light requires a source. If there is no source of light, there is no light. Without the light, there is only darkness, even if we are not able to name it.

Our conclusion is coherent and negates any arguments of the opposition. It makes our arguments better than any presented by our opposition. With the Jedi in our ranks, we can still study the Light Side from the Jedi Holocrons and captured members of New Jedi Order. New Jedi Order, the Aing-Tii Monks, the Fallanassi and other groups, which consist of Force users, are valuable sources of the knowledge about the Force. We do not need House Odan-Urr within our ranks. It is too risky and the reward is too vague and uncertain. We can be successful with the Jedi House in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, which remains in the contrary even to the name of the organization. With this being said, I believe that the debate has concluded, unless our opposition has some final arguments to bring to the table.

Thank you.

Shadow Nighthunter

24-09-2011 12:26:24

The opposition does have some good points. Yet, House Odan-Urr is still harmless. Yes, they could somehow sneak out and tell Skywalker about the Brotherhood, but we could use that to our advantage as well. This is possible because we could also perform false actions and give false information to them that they could pass on to the Jedi of Skywalker. We could actually use them to lure the Jedi to us. No, the Jedi of Odan-Urr aren’t fools, but with enough precaution and planning we could actually lure Skywalker and his Jedi into a trap.

The Jedi and the Sith have been fighting for many years with the Sith falling short. Mostly, it was due to over confidence or not enough planning. If the Brotherhood just went ahead and tried to eliminate or even just kick Odan-Urr out, the results of the past may be resurrected. Pushing Odan-Urr away from the Brotherhood would provide Skywalker more Jedi that would let Skywalker know everything about us. Killing the light Jedi could have either a motivating or intimidating effect on the Jedi of Skywalker. That would be a very dangerous risk, a risk that could put the Brotherhood in jeopardy if the Grand Master and the clans were to do away with Odan-Urr.

It is also true that a balance in the force is needed. Like the moon and stars that provide light to guide one’s way, the Brotherhood can use Odan-Urr to guide it towards greater glory by constantly using Odan-Urr for our cause without them knowing it. Though one may be able to extinguish a candle in a dark room, light is still there. Even if we rid ourselves of Odan-Urr, the threat of light Jedi will continue to exist. Throughout history, Jedi have always managed to survive the wars and purges mostly because they are resourceful and have planned ahead for these events. It is therefore safe to say that Odan-Urr may have done the same thing and are ready for similar threats, which be a risk that might not be worth taking if we try to get rid of them.

The other concern that the opposition has expressed about Odan-Urr taking advantage of the war by making a move of their own, can also be used to our advantage. It is said we must expect the unexpected. Even when we’re in a battle between ourselves, we should expect the light Jedi to make an attempt on the Brotherhood. If the Brotherhood expects this, we could be prepared for such thing and lead them into a trap of our own if necessary. We’d simply let the Jedi think that we have weakened ourselves by fighting one another and when they strike, the houses and clans can join together and fight back. Therefore we would take them by surprise and let them know that we would not tolerate such action from them and weaken them at the same time. So, all in all, Odan-Urr poses no threat as long as we expect and plan for the unexpected.

Now, before I end my case with a few more supportive words. As Akatsuki, Eether, and Arch have stated during this debate, Odan-Urr is a necessary burden for the Brotherhood to keep. They have been of some use to us, whether it be through knowledge, members that have fallen to the dark side later on, and even by being a tool for our use. As long as we keep them in the shadows, unaware of our true motives, we can continue to remain as an unknown threat to them and even the whole galaxy. Another thing to think about is that have light Jedi within the Brotherhood can also serve as a weakness to those who fear us. If our enemies think that we are weak by having light Jedi with us and they attack, we will prove to them that they were gravely mistaken by defeating them in battle. They would learn that the Brotherhood is more than what they thought us to be. I hereby rest my case. If the opposition doesn't have anymore to say, then I guess this debate is finished.

Thank you.