Unit Assignments


16-03-2009 20:28:25

Heres what I have so far for people as the units that they are assigned to in our assault...

Thran - C CO, 3/502 INF (Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 502nd Infantry )
Luciferous - A CO, 1/22 R (Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Armor)
Kosk - 4th Sqd 4th Recon
Tra'an - 1st 41st Inf (company unknown)
Ric - C CO, 2nd BN 2nd INF

Post your below.


16-03-2009 22:41:01

Korvyn is with B Co in the 2/2


17-03-2009 00:09:48

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Armor

same as Luciferous


18-03-2009 19:49:48

1st Battalion, 12th Armor, Bravo Company


19-03-2009 03:25:15

The combined powers of the following to use as a HQ/Defensive zone:

252 Support
4/96 FA
1/2 Infantry

With these, I'll create a base of operations we can use as a safe zona, and I'll also create a defensize permiter to keep the evil droids away

Koryn Thraagus

19-03-2009 15:59:20

2nd Battalion, 41st Infantry Division, Alpha Company.


19-03-2009 16:28:48

I'll take Bravo Company, 2nd Special Troops Battalion.

Draco Maligo

19-03-2009 18:20:01

I'll be with delta company, 2nd battalion, 502 infantry.

Kalak Ragnose

28-03-2009 13:43:17

I'm joining the RO

I'll take 1st 41st Inf


15-04-2009 14:21:31

I guess I'll bring up Charlie Company, 1/12th....

I love AT-TE's.:)