Gaming Profiles


15-03-2009 14:13:52



Jac Cotelin:
- Pretty good

- Pretty good
- Uses all three styles

Shadow Taldrya:
- Pretty good
- Uses all three styles
- Likes to use blue scissors

- Pretty good
- Prefers red
- Sometimes uses blue and attacks wildly
- Prefers red vertical strike double combo with a crouch at the end; once he does this, either hit him with yellow scissors or catch him on the second swing of a red horizontal combo

- Pretty good
- Prefers red
- Very defensive player

- Meh...
- Prefers red
- Spams RDFA (Red Death From Above)
- Sometimes uses RDFA immediately at the start
- Wait for him to RDFA and then attack him
- When he recovers from using RDFA, you can kick him in the face for fun
- Likes to flip off and run on walls
- Likes to kick people
- Will attack you after he kicks you and makes you fall

- Pretty good
- Prefers red
- Prefers using double combos without delays
- Usually a defensive player; once pissed off, becomes more aggressive
- Sometimes sways

Kara Rohana:
- Inexperienced
- Prefers blue
- Charges immediately at the start
- Recently learned how to use RDFA and likes to spam it
- Use yellow scissors or red combos (without delays) against her

- Prefers to play bryars
- So-so at bryars

- Pretty good
- Prefers red
- When pissed off, wildly attacks with blue

- Plays bryars
- Very good at bryars


Jaden Kyrath:
- Pretty good
- Uses saber staff
- Is aggressive against other staffers
- Is more defensive against single red
- Use single red and combos against him

- Pretty good
- Uses single red
- Sways more than a teenager's trees in a cliché wind

Matt Adler:
- Inexperienced
- Uses single red
- Attacks and then jumps over you; predict where he will land and attack


15-03-2009 14:41:04

Nice idea. But I only play guns I suppose.

Talon Jade

15-03-2009 16:48:38

You have to learn to be a little more flexible.


15-03-2009 20:03:33

And some gaming resources:

- Taldryan's Jedi Outcast Strategy Guide
- Taldryan's CTF Primer
- CSP's Jedi Academy Guide (PDF)