Smoke And Mirrors


08-08-2007 12:17:06

Smoke and mirrors

Brotherhood, indeed.

Damaged by our rivals in other clans, and with the Vong constantly at our heels, this war seems a constant test of our will, our fighting spirit. As moral dips, our tacticians begin to look at other, non-traditional ways to escape this conflict.

For many, it seems that the only way to wash our hands of this war is in the blood of our 'brothers'.

OOC: Attempt to capture the desperation, fear, or weary resignation in your clan's actions at this time.

  1. Poem may be as long as the Author desires; however, 10 pages of fluff will not beat three pages of outstanding work. Arial or Times New Roman Font. Standard page size with 1 inch margins. Poetry must be some sort of poetry, and may not be prose.
  2. Entries will be graded on grammar, spelling, and general content.
  3. Entries MUST include ID line and DJB PIN ON the document itself. Unidentified entries will be discarded.
  4. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Entries will be chosen at the end of each round.
  5. Participants have until 11 August 2359 (1159 PM) EST to submit their articles.

Send all Poetry submissions to: and your Clan Consul!
Muz, Raken, Anshar, Sarin

Yet another opportunity for CSP to gain points in the hotly contested Poetry/GFX ladder. Since there is no graphics event this week, everyone should participate in this poetry event. To show you all how easy it is to submit an entry to this competition, you will find my entry below. I took me about 10 minutes to complete and I'm no poet.

Smoke and Mirrors

Death is upon us, creeping from round the bend,
Like a fog bank rolling along the ground.
Now must be our time to ascend,
To the earthly world we are no longer bound.
To the Force itself our bodies we must lend,
In the Dark Side we must surround.

Our enemies are fierce and unyielding,
Our religion they do contest.
They despise the weapons we’re wielding,
Our heresy they do detest.
There seems to be no shielding
From the ones we have transgressed.

Death is indeed upon us,
Circling round every head.
Leaving us all in distress,
Filling all with dread.
Although hard to confess,
The thin line between life and death we all tread.

So see, if everyone commits 10 minutes and sends in a poem, no matter the length, we will gain points on Taldryan and Naga Sadow. COMPETE! No excuses, no regrets, whatever it takes. FOR CSP!


08-08-2007 17:53:14

Props to Lucien for filling in for what I'm supposed to do! :D

Here's my poem:

Shifting eyes and fidgeting hands,
Willing to create ripples
In sanguine seas of brotherhood.
We kneel to pray,
Our pleas always unanswered.
Haste spreads like disease.

Tremors shake the Clan,
Silence punctuates words.
We grope in the darkness,
Unwilling to accept our fate.
Our crosshairs adjust,
A finger is tense.

Exhaustion outlines my eyes,
Darkness tinges the edge of my vision.
Sleep calls to me through the smoke.
We came for celebration,
We are here for blood,
We will leave for survival.

The tendrils of the Force
Are blind to the enemies.
The Force is enslaved to the enemy in front.
Others utter prophecies,
I choose to stand in the shadows,
Away from the damaged life.

So that I may see,
For if it is not clear,
A warped reflection reveals
Details the bare eye cannot see.
A twisted mirror of what is not true.
A warped reflection of reality.


08-08-2007 18:08:03

Yours is good, Lucien. Hope I can come up with something like that. :mellow: