Week 3: Infinite Bloom


30-07-2007 13:21:20

Infinite Bloom

The Shroud is simultaneously beautiful and treacherous to those who behold it. The swirling eddies of gravitational forces and destroyed stars and planets grant it an almost hypnotizingly exotic beauty.

Draw an image that represents what the shroud looks like to your character.


# You may use any art style or school you prefer, but the final image should be a jpeg or gif of no less than 500 x 500 pixels
# Entries will be graded on general artistic quality.
# Entries MUST include ID line and DJB PIN in the email which has the graphic attached. Unidentified entries will be discarded.
# 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Entries will be chosen at the end of each round.
# Participants have until 4 August 2359 (1159 PM) EST to submit their graphic.

Send all submissions to: VongWarFiction@gmail.com and your Clan Consul!

Here's my entry:



30-07-2007 13:46:28

That looks great!

See? You too can do graphics!


31-07-2007 01:53:43

And here's mine!



02-08-2007 09:21:05

Sorry it's a bit big, but here's my submission.


03-08-2007 11:04:18

That's effin cool...


04-08-2007 10:24:46

Here's mine. I know it won't place against some, but it's for the clan!


09-08-2007 21:24:04

Props to Archangel, Braecen, and myself for placing in this event! We have almost caught up to CNS in the Poetry/GFX ladder!