22-07-2007 08:57:53

look.I am sure by now you have seen we are losing in the fictions. However, it is because YOU, yes YOU are not active enough. We had 14 people who sent in a Broken Pride, but no holonet. 14 x 5 is 70 points which would put us back in the lead. None of that counts the many articles written off topic. Those could be reduced if everyone writes early in the week (before wednesday) and sends them too Nath, who is running the writing department for the war. He will review it and can help give you pointers. Everyone can do this, and we will reduce missed points. Also if you have it by Wednesday, it is easy to make sure you have written it and can be happier because you helped the clan.

Look, gaming is all about activity too. My record about is 17 and 94 right now. hmm, bad? well I am 17th and only a few points from being in the bonus for at least 140 points extra to the clan. Gaming is not about winning and not about your frag rate. It is about playing as much as you can and getting matches earned. Dismal and Ace are two of the worst players in the league. I even beat them every time. Yet they play a lot and are up near me in the rankings.

Some of you are ACC, and I salute you. Just like gaming, that isn't about your number of wins, but your number of matches. It is important to not time out and not DQ. You will win some from that yourself though! The rest should goto judge off, and any that goes to a judge is a win for you because you get points. points give you a place, which gets you clan points for the ladder. ACC is just another ladder of gaming.

Those of you in "other" are doing great. I applaud you and encourage you to keep it up. I am downloading BF2 right now in hopes I can help to get us more points later in ther war.

Remember, we have the most people, so we can only beat ourselves. be active. Don't make excuses for not doing something right now! Then you will have regrets next sunday when you failed your clan. So: No excuses; No regrets. Participate!


22-07-2007 10:42:50

Itachi is also bad. He has JO *and* JA. :P