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19-07-2007 04:11:03

Coruscant in Crosshairs

Dissidence in the Officer Corps of the New Republic

By Gallan Dro’Lok
(Pin#: 7589, DJK Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae (Sith)/Caliburnus of Scholae Palatinae)

Coruscant, the planet formally known as Imperial Center, is on the verge of another invasion, this time at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Battles have taken place in an almost perfectly straight line towards the capital planet. Vortex, Talfaglio, and Arkania all lay in ruins. The populations of each of the planets decimated in the wake of the invading fleet. What can the New Republic government do to stem the tide of the invaders?

A report has fallen into the possession of this reporter, which states that the war was being lost. Capital ships are being lost far too quickly, and the New Republic Starfighter Corps is having trouble recruiting and training enough pilots to replace those lost in the line of duty. The report is from a high-ranked source within the New Republic military, a source whose trust in the military structure and effectiveness of the New Republic has been seriously compromised.

The report goes on to describe several flaws in the New Republic’s approach to the war. The following is a direct quotation from the report:

“It is of my opinion, along with several of my colleagues, that the leadership of this side of the war has been seriously compromised by orders by an ill-qualified Chief of State. We as a group do not discount that the Chief of State Cal Omas is an excellent bureaucrat, diplomat and leader, but his military record pales in comparison with those who are meant to be leading this war.

Men like Admiral Ackbar, and General Garm Bel Iblis should be the ones making the most important decisions at this time, especially in the context of the war at hand.

While we do not dismiss the Chief of State’s usefulness in a time of war, his power and influence should be severely cut back to avoid lag in logistics and decision making that could hamper the war effort.

It is my personal view, which is again shared with several of my fellow officers, that the Chief of State’s order to the New Republic military to work in conjunction with the New Jedi Order has both pros and cons.

The most obvious pro is that most of the Jedi are seasoned veterans of battlefields long past. One could drop names like Kyle Katarn, Corran Horn, and especially Luke Skywalker, the Grand Master of the Order, and find pages and pages of military records. We all owe these men and women, and others in the Jedi Order a great deal of gratitude for their work in the past. My colleagues and I believe that their addition to the command structure of the New Republic would be very beneficial.

However, this said, the most obvious flaw visible is the younger breed of Jedi. Prone to arrogance, and a near-fanatical belief in the power of the Force, this new breed of Jedi are often brash, and foolhardy, making decisions without a reasonable amount of consideration, and exploration of other options. These are the sort that should never be allowed near an officer style authority, without proper military training, or coaching. It is this sort of idealistic person who will get men killed needlessly.

It is on these grounds that I, along with seventeen (17) of my fellow officers in various branches of the New Republic, wish to tender our resignation, if the Chief of State is not put in his place, at least until the end of the war. A firm strong hand needs to lead the New Republic now. A military hand, who knows the costs of war, and that speed, not correct procedure, should be capital in the minds of the decision makers.”

This reporter feels that the magnitude of this sort of report would be very wide spread, with possible similar instances already occurring across the branches of the New Republic military. When asked about this report, along the suspicion of others like it, the Chief of State, Cal Omas, is quoted to having said:

“It saddens me greatly that there are officers in the New Republic that would so offended by one of my decisions that they would even suggest a military dictatorship. I have no intention of allowing the New Republic fall into the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, or crumble into a shell of its former self, with a new Emperor at its head.
These dissidents will be dealt with swiftly, and in accordance with military law.

I can assure you, along with your readers, that the New Republic government is doing its best to defend its people and planets against these aggressors. We have no intention to let the New Republic down. We strive to speed up decision making as much as possible, to allow for faster application of resources; both in man power, supplies, and capital size vessels.”

While this reporter has his doubts about the strength of the Chief of State’s words, he has seen improvements in the stance of the New Republic against the aggressive Yuuzhan Vong.

One major step that has been shown by the New Republic leaderships is the procurement orders for dozens of YVH-1 series battle droids. Yuuzhan Vong Hunter One combat droid, or YVH 1, was a battle droid developed by Tendrando Arms as a means to effectively combat Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

Since the Vong had a strong hatred of technology, the creation of these droids proved to be an efficient and creative method of driving them insane. These droids are heavily armed, and extremely well armored, both of which are needed when facing Yuuzhan Vong warriors in battle. These droids have already been proven in battle, and while the proof of their effectiveness was in the middle of a battle zone, the New Republic government immediately issued orders for a large amount. Many in the New Republic armed forces have seen this as a step in the right direction, and hope that there will be more of the similar in weeks to come.

In closing, this reporter feels that even with the Yuuzhan Vong bearing down on the capital planet, there is still plenty of room for dissidence, and bureaucracy. This reporter finds that if the New Republic cannot sort out these problems, and fast, there will be nothing worth saving for the future.