General Gjw7 Strategy - Ten Commandments For One T


16-07-2007 05:59:02

The GJW7 system uses pretty much the same scoring as the RoS: Second Darkness in which CSP fared really well. This is good news since this system benefits CSP's style. It also benefits those who have a Clan strategy. Thus, I am writing this and you should keep it in your minds.

It may seem a lot of rules to keep in mind and it may sometimes even seem to distract from the fun when I tell you "don't do this but rather something else", but remember that my points are made with the intent to provide the maximum level of success for you and the Clan. You'll find that, if you heed these, you will be much more successful and I am almost guaranteeing that you can be in the top 20 ("in the money") of at least one ladder regardless of skill. And with participation counts in the 60s to 100s this means a lot. And in the end, imagine if CSP really wins... no, not if, WHEN.

1) THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD: DEDICATION. This doesn't mean to give up your entire RL for the GJW. No, but I want you to be dedicated to the core with the time you do have during the war. You can make a grievous mistake in this war and that is to just marginally touch some event and then never do anything for it again. NO! Anyone who does this will hurt the Clan. The scoring for all these events is ladder-based and you desperately want to avoid being in the bottom fifth of any ladder. You'd rather be completely off it than in the bottom 20%. This means: Choose as many of the four core events (JO/JA, other games, ACC, fiction) as you can give some weekly attention. Check your ladder standings regularly and if you are in the bottom third, score some points to get back into at the middle of the pack. Only if you have spare time, jump in with an extra ladder.

2) PLAY THE RUN-ON RIGHT. The runon rewards quality and participation, but there are only two levels of participation that score: guest and regular. A guest is any member with THREE POSTS OVERALL, a regular is one with TWO POSTS PER WEEK. Thus:
* Make three posts regardless who you are. Just make sure they fit.
* Then, make further posts only if you EITHER can add to the quality OR you are committed to making the two posts every week. If you make a weak post and don't work towards the 2 per week goal, you only hurt the Clan. So: Strong posts are good. Regular posts are good. Posts that are neither hurt. The best is to be strong and regular, of course.
* Make one of your two weekly posts early, at the latest by Wednesday. This ensures you will have someone post in between so that you can get your second post in for the week at a convenient time. You can't follow up on yourself!

3) SPREAD YOUR LOSSES. If you game and are one like me who tends to lose a lot, try to play lots of players FROM DIFFERENT CLANS. You'll come out ahead. Also, losers have a slightly better profit ratio in the "other" ladder at 2 to 5 points (40% of a win) compared to 1 / 3 (33%). So if you have the choice and are equally bad, prefer the non-JO/JA ladder.

4) CONSISTENCY BEATS ONE-TIME EFFORTS. If you have the choice between writing two decent or one excellent story, the two decent ones will score the Clan more. The Clan's results depend on your overall points and those in turn are most easily fed by making many entries. Go for excellency if you think you have a shot at a Nova or if you have time to spare, but in the end, two 9s are better results in the stories than a single 11 that still only places 7th.

5) SCORE A BONUS. The GJW system gives bonuses to folks who make the top 20 in any ladder. And the bonuses are quite sizable even for the lower half of those top 20. CSP is traditionally good at nabbing its share of Novae, but lacks in middle placings. Strive to see your name in the payoff zone of at least one ladder!

6) BE CURRENT ON THE STANDINGS. If you are in 9th with 49 points and the 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th are all already CSPers and the 4th has 106 points, you will not advance us on any ladder. But you might help enemy forces in the lower half score a lot of points and climb past less active CSP members with ease! On the other hand, if you are in 9th with 49 and the 8th to 5th are all enemies, having between 50 and 54 points, this would be the time to score 6 points and pass them all!

7) WARGAME POINTS. If you are a gamer, go and game every day. Especially try to play against Naga Sadow and, if you can beat them, Taldryan. They are far away from us on the wargame map and will right now not hurt us, but we need points to fight Arcona and Tarentum. Gaming is the easiest way to get those. We should hope to have a potential of at least 50 wargame points per day, that's 25 matches for the Clan combined assuming 50% wins. 100 points would be better.

8) CHOOSE YOUR GAMES WISELY. This goes for the JO/JA players, but also to the RC/BF ones. You can play every opponent three times per day PER LADDER. This means you can play them 3 times in JO *or* 3 times in JA, but not both. Same for RC/BF1/BF2/EaW. Keep looking for matches in the game that will give you the advantage over the field currently present in #dbgaming. Few people will challenge you for one game if you are actively involved in making matches for another. Use that to your advantage (but don't refuse matches, it'd be dodging).

9) THE DON'TS. They go without saying but since there are new members in the Clan, be sure to not walk into the obvious traps. We'll let the others do that.

DO NOT TIME OUT ON ANY ACC MATCH. You must accept up to 4 matches if you play at all, but if you can't make time for more, you can let the rest wait while you ensure you do manage the four you are active in.

DO NOT ILLEGALLY REFUSE ACC CHALLENGES. You'll be costing us heaps of points and helping the enemy.

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you use source images for a photoshop, credit them. If you quote, state the author and work. Even if the quote is from the official GJW stories. If you rewrite (e.g. a song), give a link to the original work and credit to the original author. You can use source material to a reasonable extent (the majority of your creation needs to be your own), but never claim it as your own.

DO NOT DODGE MATCHES. You'd rather take a loss to an opponent you'd not like to score than have all your matches voided.

DO NOT LAME OR CHEAT. You'd not only get your matches and medals voided but you will face the CoJ.

10) THE "YOU ARE IMPORTANT" RULE. It's the last rule, but it's the most important in this set. You, as the member of CSP, are important. Whenever you truly feel you have a realistic shot at a Nova or another important personal goal, you are free to ignore all of the other rules and pursue that Nova or goal until you have it or lose it. But, in return, once you do have it, come back doubly motivated and give one for the team. Because this way, both you and the Clan will gain, both in glory and in fun. And that's what we are here for. Fun and glory.


16-07-2007 09:37:39

Excellent post! Also, just adding in my own two cents:

Ask for help! If you have no clue on what is going on somewhere, just ask! Don't feel like you'll sound like a newb if you do. Heck, I've had to ask Braecen to clear things up for me to post in the run-on, and I've had to ask people on IRC a few other things to get me squared away. We're always ready to help YOU with any questions you have, regardless if you think if they're silly or not.

Have fun! Yeah, I know, it feels like there is so much pressure to get some submissions in, but if you have fun, it will be so worth it to yourself. So be creative, use your imagination, and have fun. That's what it all boils down to. :)