Embrace Of Pain Puzzle

Makurth Mandalore

16-07-2007 04:53:28

OK, guys and gals, wasn't too sure on where to post this, so I figured this'd be the best place to start.

Alright, I know we're stomping some butt on the gaming, but let's also start working on this Embrace of Pain puzzle so we can beat everyone else out at it.

Here's the goodies:

This competition is Clan based. The Clan who submits the correct answer to the puzzle first will win. Once a Clan has submitted the correct answer their hero will be released.
Clans may not help other Clans. This includes Allies. If you are caught helping another Clan, you will receive zero points and so will the clan that received the help. Your points will then be distributed to the the remaining Clans!
Captured Heroes: Warrior Zandro Savric Erinos, Clan Arcona. Priest Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, Clan Naga Sadow. Dark Jedi Knight Niman "Visutor" Zor-El, clan Plagueis. Battlemaster Rasilvenaira StormRaven, Clan Scholae Palatinae. Dark Side Adept Shadow Taldrya, Clan Taldryan. Warlord Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae, clan Tarentum.
Captured Heroes will not be allowed to participate or contribute in the GJW until their Clan has solved the Embrace of Pain.
All passwords are lower case.
Once you have unlocked the puzzles, contact Grand Master Sarin with the knowledge you have uncovered.
1st=25 Clan Points, 2nd=20 Clan Points, 3rd=15 Clan Points, 4th=10 Clan Points, 5th=5 Clan Points, 6th=You get nothing sucka!
Good luck

All you know and all you have become is pain. You are unsure exactly how long you have been connected to the hellish monster now wracking your body with torment, but you are aware that there is no respite. Holding onto the final shreds of your sanity you begin to notice a familiar pattern within the though process of the Embrace of Pain. If only your mind was not so numb from the physical torture. You can almost pick out a thought from the monster, a thought offering just a moment's relaxation, but for some reason the monster is only spelling a letter at a time....and the letters seem like numbers. The monster is telling you that pain is.....


K, everyone still with me?? Who has any idea on what this could be????


16-07-2007 05:30:45

its already solved buddy =)

Jaysun Adumarii

16-07-2007 06:10:55

I solved it the first day.


16-07-2007 14:54:04

Great work, Jaysun. Can someone with mod access close this thread and mark it "Completed"?