GJW X Debate: Light Jedi; Yay or Nay?


18-09-2011 18:18:33

The Dark Council has come to each individual Clan and House system to discuss the issue with the light jedi currently a part of the Brotherhood. Opinions on both sides of the issue have formed, with both sides putting forth their arguments to the Dark Council on whether or not to keep these light jedi around.

In Odan-Urr a similar conversation takes place between themselves and whether to continue to stay a part of the Brotherhood or find their own path away from the darkness

Light Jedi; Yay or Nay? Debate Event
-The debate will be conducted in specially designated forums, already set up for each House/Clan. Passwords may be obtained from Consuls and Quaestors
-Each Clan/House will decide who will form the two teams that will debate one another
-Clan/House members will debate one another on whether or not it is a good idea to have the light jedi as part of the DJB
-Members of Odan-Urr will debate on whether it is a good idea for them to stay with the DJB
-There must be a minimum of 3 members per team and each member must post to count for participation
-Same person may not post back-to-back for their team
-Same team cannot post back-to-back
-Cannot edit your post once another post is up
-To “count” for participation a post must be at least 250 words in length
-Debate is to be “In Character”

-Entries will be graded on Grammar, Readability, Continuity and Persuasiveness of argument
-If a Clan or House is not able to get the requisite minimum number of participants, or have a completed debate, they will earn no points

Either side may begin with their opening statement

Kaira Rohana

22-09-2011 16:52:44

he question today before us as Jedi is do we stay a part of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood or find our own way. Here I stand to tell you that without the cover the Dark Brotherhood brings us we might have been killed long before now. We are safer if we stay part of the brotherhood. If we chose to break off on our own we would not only have to worry about what is going on with the Dark Jedi, but also what is going on with the whole of the galaxy. As long as we are part of the Dark Jedi we have cover.

I once heard a statement keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That is, what we are doing with our membership within the brotherhood. Not all of us here are even Light side Jedi fully. Like me, some are grey; we still lean on our dark side powers. If we were to leave, which of us would stay by going back to an old house or clan that we were once part of? That would cut our numbers. It would leave us vulnerable to attack. I believe that if we did try to break off from the whole the Grandmaster of this group of dark Jedi would see that as an act of cowardliness and hunt us down--we would be seen as traitors and hunted until we were gone.

Again I say we are safer where we are. I don’t want to fear for my life or the life of my daughter. Please, see that if we leave we are marked for death. It will happen no matter what we do to keep ourselves safe. We are trainers, and as such never safe, always on the run always looking behind to see who is there. We stay we only have to watch what the dark Jedi are up to and to give them no reason to wipe us out.

A'lora Kituri

22-09-2011 19:44:42

You make an interesting point, Kaira Rohana.

However, I stand in my belief that those who stand by their teachings in the light side of the force will eventually face a greater peril in the coming future. If we hide with this Dark Brotherhood, the other houses may eventually see us as a threat, and make an attempt to root us out, hunting us. I also hold a belief that the Dark Council itself may have created our house for the sole purpose of separating us from our darker adversaries in order to eliminate us even more efficiently, without the need to search for ‘traitors’ in the other houses.

Tensions are rising, my friends, and many of you have felt it in recent events, it is only a matter of time before the Dark Council or our darker brethren make their move. Soon, it will be time for us to make ours, will we stay in the Brotherhood and take our chances, or will we leave them behind, and pave our own destiny?

I say that we will have a better life out of the constant fear and watchfulness of staying as a part of the Brotherhood, rather than from separating ourselves from it and walking our own paths. The Brotherhood itself may also make an attempt to indoctrinate us into their dark-sided teachings. We must not let this happen, and we have our best chance at resisting these attempts by leaving this Brotherhood behind us, and move forward in staying true to our teachings of Odan-Urr.


23-09-2011 14:40:51

While I agree we must stick to the teachings of our Jedi predecessor's, it may be dangerous to leave the Brotherhood, as Kaira pointed out earlier. If we were to separate and go our separate ways, we are even more vulnerable as targets. Especially our younger Jedi, the future generation. Even if the more experienced were to survive, the Jedi ways will die with us.

We must stay together! Protection is in numbers. The tighter our loyalties are to each other, the more protection we have. There is also the threat of the Sith influencing our younger ones. If all the younger members of our house have at least a Knight with them, then they could be less tempted. We ourselves are more vulnerable to the Darkside when we are by ourselves. It took Leia Solo to bring back Luke from the clutches of the Emperor; Luke to bring his father back from the Darkside, and so on. All because they didn't have someone else to lead them away from the temptation.

Our Grey Jedi's in the House of Odan-Urr were originally part of the Sith themselves, and because they had someone to lead them away, they became Jedi. If we stay close to the Brotherhood, we might be able to influence other Sith to come over to our side. And, we might even gain more animosity against us, but isn't it worth taking the chance? Isn't that worth the risk for our future generation?


23-09-2011 20:58:22

Elleron sighed as the debate continued. He slowly stood as he gathered his thoughts about him.
I do not believe that we should stay. These Dark Jedi are merely biding their time. I have no doubt they are debating our future with them as much as we are. They are a cancer, a sickness, one that we should try and rid ourselves of.

The others watched him with some doubt and a little surprise; he was normally a quiet boy, who wouldn't speak against his superiors - when in his right mind - but he firmly believed that no one here knew what it was like to have a dark side spread through them like cancer.
You think of me as a tumour? Denath asked inside his mind. Charming.

The Jedi are rebuilding. They can help us. My father can convince them to offer refuge to some of us. Perhaps all of us. If we can reach the Core Worlds and contact him, I'm sure he would help.

And how could we get there? one of the others asked. We do not all have ships capable of hyperspace travel.

Maybe the Jedi could spare some. If one of us could go, we could return, with the kind of help and numbers we need to evacuate ourselves to safety. They have ships larger than any in our possession - they could even rival the Brotherhood. You speak of the constant fear we would live with, should we leave the Brotherhood... are none of you afraid of what they may do to us, as long as they know where we are? How can we trust them to maintain this stalemate indefinitely? He sat down again, glancing at everyone here, his eyes lingering on Kaira. They are Dark Siders. They will betray us.


24-09-2011 23:22:45

As an member of this House, and a standing member of the Brotherhood I strongly have to go against the argument of leaving. Take a vast look at our galaxy, look at the massive amount of hungry opponents in tarry for the moment of our weakest point. Just as we watch our adversaries they too keep constant vigilance. Yes we do have strong competition with the House's of Dark Jedi in the Brotherhood, but the path of the dark side is taken based upon one's candidacy not simply because there is a Dark Jedi opportunity there. I myself, and perhaps many of you have once walked the path of the Sith, the Krath, the Obelisk. I was all three at one point in time or another. I have perform deeds unheard of in the name of the Dark Side, these things are not tempting to me now, nor were they when I was performing them. To keep our learners and even elders from falling it is important we teach them the truth of the dark sides nature. We should not fear it, but rather know it and what it is capable of, this however is a debate for another time. The point of this is, just because we are entangled within a Brotherhood of Darkness does not enforce any form of law that our Jedi shall succumb. Let us not forget also that not all of us are dedicated to the Jedi Code, but rather our own.

Even if we were to travel far across the galaxy, aside from being shunned and chased by every major political and military power out there, would this enable us the ability to say none of our housemen shall succumb? No it would not. So separation from the Dark Brotherhood based on this argument is moot. The statement of possibility for being destroyed by the Dark Brotherood, yes this is a possibility and I feel it move in the force that yes one day some of the houses shall move against us. War is on the brink my friends, and all of us have felt it. Is now a good time to be attempting to flee? It will be seen as a sign of weakness, and whomever dominates in this war will surely come to finish the job with us. If we stand our ground it may yet mean we have a chance. Thus far the Dark Brotherhood has tolerated our presence, for how long who knows. I do know this, Order 66 is a ZERO Jedi tolerance order. And this order is still enforced throughout much of the galaxy. Bounty Hunter's skins crawl at the opportunity to bag a Jedi or Rogue Dark Jedi. I for one feel that at least in Brotherhood territory we hold a two edged knife rather than a spoon should we leave. To further my colleague Kaira's statement of "Keep your enemies closer". While we hold our position here, it is so much easier for our spies to keep tabs on Brotherhood movements and strikes. If we were to leave, do you realize how difficult it would become to keep our spies operational here? Needless to say the countless locals that depend upon us for their freedom and protection against the injustice of the Empire and even some of the Dark Brotherhood houses. What ever you call yourselves, Jedi, Gray Jedi, Shadow Jedi, Jedi Outcasts - this is unimportant.

The systems we protect depend on us for Peace and Justice. How could we claim to be guardians of that if we just tucked tail and fled? *sigh* My friends I am growing much older than I use to be. I use to be young, but for many years now I have been struggling to understand the nature of the force, and I honestly have very few answers even to this day. But I know the nature of the dark side is fear, and if we leave because of fear of being destroyed by our neighbors we are nothing more than them. They fear us, because we are different. Because we are powerful yet so few. They fear that, I know because I feared it myself. Lets look past this point though.

Should we leave, where would we go? What resources would we use? Would we take the resources of our current inhabitant's? Leave them with nothing, just enough to starve themselves before the Dark Jedi arrive to destroy them for supporting us for so long? This is no way to even think my friends. We are here, and we are here for a reason. Brotherhood or no brotherhood, we do so much more here than we could anywhere else. We thrive here because we are the heart of light in the body of darkness. Have my fellow brethren lost their sight to see this? I leave my argument here. If this is not enough reason to stay, than I stand to say I will stand myself and by myself for the people who are proud we are here and stand for us daily against the evils of this galaxy just as we do for them.