Blue or Red?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-06-2006 01:15:21

Hey guys,

guess its cool to pick your alliance here, so we can meet in battle.

I chose for Blue, simple because all evidence shows he's the real Jac. The Red Jac is the Imposter!

but thats me though

Blue Jac FTW!

Xayun Erinos

30-06-2006 04:47:54

I chose Blue, because I haven't bothered with the plot and it's my favourite colour.

Cheers! :P

Nekura Manji

30-06-2006 05:19:23

Red Jac all the way. Because a) red is a much cooler colour than blue, B) because I reckon Red is the real Jac, and c) because I just noticed after I'd decided to change my allegiance that the rest of the Keibatsu have chosen red. Which validates my decision somewhat. ^_^


30-06-2006 15:24:45

Think I'll stay neutral till I work out whats going on.


30-06-2006 15:38:34

I think the red one is the real Jac. The real Jac wasn't on the office commanding both the dark council and the clans in a war beginning. Maybe the real Jac was on another place while the blue Jac tried to make the brotherhood to open a civil war!

In conclusion, Jac is for me the real Jac Cotelin. But I could be wrong...

Ylith Pandemonium

30-06-2006 18:25:53


for the gamers we need to have a list

I would like to see 50 50 on the blue red count so we can all contribute.

I am Blue - Xayun is red

who is the next two?

Talon Jade

01-07-2006 22:20:17

Im red.


02-07-2006 10:34:30

Isn't Xayun blue, Ylith? I don't understand your 50-50 method, Ylith.

Ylith Pandemonium

02-07-2006 12:47:21

I guess he changed it then

its simple

for example: we have 4 reds and 4 blues

of people decide to go red mostly, the blue's can can take them on, and the reds can take on the minority of the blue's and visa versa



02-07-2006 14:16:37

Im red...well first off because Master Mac is...and doing some more reading i conclude that Red Jac is teh real Jacz0r

Macron Sadow

02-07-2006 17:09:46

Good to hear from you my Apprentice.


03-07-2006 13:58:21

I'm red because Anshar is, and since the HM is red, the KCB should be red or else the Shadow Academy would be split :P No need to drag the Shadow Academy Campus into a war now is there :P


03-07-2006 14:03:01

I'm red for no better reason than its a Sithy colour :)


05-07-2006 23:07:47

ok then...and i still want an explanation why all you European people have extra 'u's in your words.

Ylith Pandemonium

06-07-2006 04:08:06

because we rule, see...the u from rule is included in many words.

now stop spamming

Maol Nor Lexu

12-07-2006 08:08:41

I'm with the red side. Just like Malisane, its the sith color


13-07-2006 16:48:14

I'll stay neutril but i think red is real.


13-07-2006 20:48:31

All evidence to the real Jac being red. Period. Puts you all to shame.

Ylith Pandemonium

14-07-2006 16:06:22

what evidence should that be?