Notes on CNS forces


26-06-2006 13:17:57

A list of CNS (Orian Military Forces) with NPC names for starship captains, squadrons, etc. can be found at

This is the last file update that I recieved from Goat - some stuff is out of date (i.e. Planetary Governors) but the NPCs are current as far as I know. Goat put this document together so it is authentic.

Also, just thought we could use this topic as a "side notes" area for quick reference for those posting. For example, you may wonder just what the armament on a Vibre-class Assault Cruiser? Well here is all the info you'll need:

Vibre-Class Assault Cruiser
After the fall of the Emperor, the remaining Imperial forces changed their battle tactics. No longer able to depend on the resources of an entire galaxy, the weakend Empire needed ways to make smaller ships more useful to the cause of the war as a whole. One of the most effective strategies involved large commerce raiders. Since these ships were smaller than traditional warships, they were capable of hurting the New Republic - and aiding Empire - by hitting New Republic supply convoys. The Silvuit Corporation built the first ships of this new class of "assault cruisers."

The Vibre-class space transport is a sleek, beetle-shaped starship well suited to its role. Significantly smaller than even a Corellian corevette, while packing less firepower than most warships, the Vibre manages to make up for many of its shortcomings with clever design. It has a sensor mask, allowing it to get much closer to its target than most capital ships. It mounts its heaviest weapons in a turret, allowing it to maximize its firepower into any arc needed. And it depends on heavy ion cannons to disable ships too large for it to destroy.

The primary mission of a Vibre-class ship is commerce raiding. Once it has disabled or driven off any escort ships, it uses its two tractor beams to draw in vulnerable cargo ships. Once they have been drawn next to its hull, it blasts a hole in the target's hull, allowing its compliment of spacetroopers to board. After the crew of the cargo ship has been subdued, an Imperial crew pilots the captured vessel back to Imperial space.

Craft: Silvuit Corporation Vibre-class Assault Cruiser
Class: Space transport
Cost: Not for sale (valued at 2,259,000)
Size: Medium-size (100 m long)
Crew: 45
Passengers: 60 (spacetroopers)
Cargo Capacity: 500 metric tons
Consumables: 5 months
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x15
Speed: 70 MGLT
Hull: 257 RU
Shields: 622 SBD

Weapon: L:ght Turbolasers (4) - turret mounted - Range: Point Blank and Short
Weapon: Tractor beam projector (2) - 1 right, 1 left - Range: Point Blank and Short
Weapon: Heavy ion cannons (4) - 2 front, 1 right, 1 left - Range: Point Blank, Short and Medium