Derev's Arrest Plot


18-06-2006 10:09:23

just so everyone knows, several people are working together on this plot with Derev getting arrested...and there IS already a plan in place. *PLEASE* don't hijack the plot and add your own twist, talk to myself, Mal or Talon before you do that.

the basic plot is....

im arrested, thrown in a force cage....someones gonna come bust me out (Talon) gonna disappear, something else is gonna go wrong, further implicating myself as being behind more of this...

then, at some point, when we have an actual plot from our loving event organizers, I'll be miracuously cleared of charges by the Master at Arms.

the general population of naga sadow DOSEN'T know that I've been arrested, but, feel free to have a charachter or two learn about it and talk about it...we know how gossip spreads in the clan...


18-06-2006 12:07:08

Just to reassure people, we aint taking over the runon, this is just a subplot. Once Derev takes to his heels and is away from Sepros we'll take a little backstep and let the rest of your subplots play out, before picking it up again later. So whatever Xhedias/Macron/the keibatsus/godo had planned out has plenty of time to progress.

This is all just to keep the story and the intrigue going until Kaiann or someone reveals what is really going on



18-06-2006 18:43:54

Taking a look at some of those events, specifically the ACC and JO events...suggest to me that he may not be for a while.

Macron Sadow

18-06-2006 22:07:19

Yeah, macron is just kind of shuffling about right now