Black Guard Plot


15-06-2006 22:40:32

We've managed to implicate the black guard so far...however, i didn't put anyones names in, just yet...if someone wants to tackle that, by all means. I was hoping someone from the BG would post and give insight to what they're doing...or someone do that for them....

remember, we're not off to war yet...we're investigating, and its starting to look like someone is working against the clan....

dont make yourself superman or manesh said, the runon needs to last two wouldn't hurt to have several story lines either...

just food for thought

Talon Jade

15-06-2006 23:14:25

Ill help with this part of the plot...we need someone to volunteer to play the black guard.


16-06-2006 01:52:43

more like we need volunteers from the black guard. any takers?

not that i'd be helping with this part of the story, my job is to prove raidoner's guilt or innocence with those rifles. muahahahahaha.

but yeah, the BG members need to step up and do stuff, so whoever you monkeys are, show your awesomeness and help out.



16-06-2006 03:00:20

X-) id be a black guard but im very new. and i think i might screw up :(

how can i be in black guard if im naga sadow, lol i dont know im rambling.


16-06-2006 04:27:03


Macron Sadow

16-06-2006 07:35:34

I posted! :P


16-06-2006 11:49:40

I'll help any ways I can, but if I could Id like to takr BG spot in this one >:)

Macron Sadow

16-06-2006 12:08:38

Good luck with that... hee hee


16-06-2006 13:01:51


wow cool...more confused but coool :blink:


16-06-2006 14:19:13

I'm a black guard too, as is Shin I think. Shin would be a good person to play that part but I'm not sure he has enough time to do it.

Xayun Erinos

20-06-2006 04:30:51

/me is a Black Guard, but I doubt there's anything I could write that would seem halfway decent. :P


20-06-2006 16:55:13

I would help if I could, but i;m clueless how to even put myself in the run-on

Shikyo Keibatsu

21-06-2006 18:21:26

I wanna wait to see if I got BG first before I say anything.