some notes for the runon...


15-06-2006 21:40:48

the way I see it, there won't be any fighting yet. it's very much obvious someone is disrupting things. I want to know whom and why. in other words: no fighting yet. :P

for example, these things need to be figured out:

A case of E-210 rifles was requisitioned and issued to Raidoner's access codes just after the Feud between Naga Sadow and CSP ended <- who gave him access codes? :P

Marka Ragnos surveillance systems went completely out of commission after a joint rite of Korras, Xanos and Alanna misfired in a huge eruption of Force. During the repairs however, one important router was found to have been expertly taken out of commission by a targeted Mechu-deru application. <- who? and why?

Naga Sadow, home of some of the more militant members against those joining the Brotherhood from the Imperial Remnant has been accused of sending strike units comprised of their elite 'Black Guard' to sabotage Plagueis-owned ships on trading routes. Plagueis, well known for being the new home of many newer recruits from various remnants, insists that the aggression is due to discrimination, and demanded that the Dark Council put a stop to it. <- who, if anyone, is making unauthorized attacks?