Assasin DPS


08-02-2012 07:11:27

I've made some changes to my build, which is now that I think have substantially increased my dps. I now have an almost constant 9% crit buff and double shock proc which I did not have before. i miss the 15% aoe dmg reduction though, but hopefully my gear makes up for that (I also gained the general 2% dmg reducer).

My rotation now starting in stealth is: Overcharge sabre, recklessness, discharge, voltaic x2, shock, blackout. I use discharge at every cooldown and maul only with the proc and assasinate at every cooldown, same with blackout (which helps on long fights).

Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to test this out more accurately and maximize my dps.


08-02-2012 12:57:31

I went with something similar about a week ago, and with the exception of sticking 3 pts into Chain shock, I went with 3 pts in charge mastery. I did this for one reason, charge mastery is a blanket passive ability where all my attacks ignore 9% armor, where as chain shock only has a 45% chance of doing a second shock for 50% damage. I think (it still needs to be tested) that the passive ability would produce more DPS than the chance ability. My rotation is a tad dissimilar to your as well. I go with..........

Overcharge sabre, recklessness, thrash, discharge, voltaic x2, shock, blackout with maul and assassinate on CD. The reason I went with thrash is with the 4 pc set bonus it has an increased chance to crit by 15%, that is a boat load. It also only costs 25 force and has no CD as opposed to low slash.

We can test all this more thoroughly later :)