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30-01-2012 22:06:48

Hey everyone,

Great week testing out various rotations and the differences between carnage and annihilation builds. Varoth was kind enough to serve as a target dummy/healing dummy and helped me work on a build that ended up significantly increasing my DPS (from taking down Varoth in 1 minute and 2 seconds as a carnage spec to taking down Varoth in 38 seconds as an annihilation spec.

The current build

The current rotation/thought process can be found at:

Overall, the biggest issue we found was that carnage was supposed to have a major bonus in burst dps, but that did not prove to be accurate in our somewhat scientific testing. Not only did annihilation far out DPS in the long fight (where Varoth used a standard rotation of heals), but it also was superior in the short fight.



30-01-2012 22:15:10

Also, a few other threads concerning Marauders....some conflicting data, so pick and choose on your own.

The carnage spec i was using and failed to dps as high as my new annihilation build:

Skeleton Jack, a big WoW blogger who his now a TOR blogger:


31-01-2012 16:31:57

It could be a lot of reasons. Ataru's extra hit could be bugged. Also you have to look at the fact that Anni ignores a large amount of armor due to bleeds. Bleeds make up a huge amount of damage for the spec.

I would have to play with Carnage a bit more, but it looks like Ataru form might be bugged a bit. Since the extra attacks are where the burst comes from.

As for your annihilation spec, it's really close to mine, i just opted for 30% reduction in AoE damage (which by the way is amazing in pve).

The BEST way to test it would be to test it on the council in EV as you have a set time to kill those mobs. So if possible I'd try out a carnage spec during one of our raids there.

Annihilation though may always come out ahead, just due to the fact a large portion of its damage ignores armor.


31-01-2012 18:15:04

Also one note, I'd drop the ravage talent, as it's a very small window you even get to USE ravage. As a rule it's not even worth the bar space for Anni. Check out my warrior post for the codex on the main forums. My testing shows I kill SLOWER when I use ravage then just rotating through my other abilties and keeping them on cool down. I also try to keep 5-7 rage as much as possible, which is pretty easy as anni.


03-02-2012 23:41:35

New Thread (or better consolidation) for Annihilation.