? The Juggernaut Tank ?


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Hello Ladies and Gents, I'm Memorize.

Well to start off, before you think im cartman from make love not... nevermind who talks about that anymore? pffftt. il tell you about myself a little about myself, im Alex feel free to use the name. im 23 and born in international waters so my friends in the forces think im a rogue spy?? lol. ive played wow since release and tanked ever since on all tankable classes including the lock and shammy way back when. i have a wife who also plays swtor but doesnt play anymore due to school and soon for myself as i will deploy soon. now lets start.


Some basics to first learn. if you havent already.

One - the Juggernaut is the hardest class/tank in the game as keeping threat on multiple targets is not easy. If your dps is bitching about threat tell them to stfu as swtor tanking is not ment to hold everything like glue compared to wow, the dps should be burning down the weak and normals down fast and your job is to hold the Strongs, Elites, and Champions if your in an op.

Two - Do not panic if you lose a mob from threat while tanking 3-4 plus. think smart not hard. Stop and assess the situation at hand, if one slips out of your grasp, use forcechoke, if another use backhand, if another use forcescream (the stun on normals and weaks only) and if all that fails then use your taunt.

Three - Dont jump into a pile of mobs and hope for the best, use your skills you have at hand. Saber Throw, Charge in, Forcesmash, sweeping slash spam (enrage for more) then focus your main target, if any slip you know what to do. now if you got some crazy dps on the group, and you lose a bunch then use your aoe taunt.

Four - Accuracy, dont go for the 110% (on your basic) your wasting stats after that could be used for more defence stats. as you dont need to cap, you can focus on your more important ones. get def rating to about 23-25%, shield chance and absorb 30%+.

Five - Swtor uses a two roll system for incoming attacks the first roll will determine wether it is a hit or a miss, in a accuracy versus defense roll, if it is a hit then the next roll will determine wether the attack will be shielded or crit. It is done in a crit versus shield chance roll. critical hit can never be shielded btw. the reason we get 10% is to get 110% accuracy on our sepcial abilites, meaning that it overrules the targets defense, to ensure that our Rage costing abiltites hit.


Builds, I'll give you the ones i have used to raid and level with.


--This is the build that i leveled with, as you can see i got my accuracy talent to best boost my hit chance while i didnt have raid gear full of accuracy.


--This build i tired and tested but it did not work aswell as i hoped. Losing Crushing Blow and Sweeping fury was a bigger loss than i thought, i found my threat drop because of not using crushing blow and i found myself rage starved more often because of sweeping fury. i also lost the accuracy debuff from quake which can help for those damned fucking blaster mobs. Unstoppable i thought was going to be good, but in the fights that matter... the boss fights, i found myself not charging much therefore losing the real use of the talent, BUT on the other hand this build could be used for leveling or daily grinds untill you are more geared, as the boost to str from dreadnaught gives you more dps, accuracy and unstoppable would help your survivabiliy jumping from group to group questing.


--This is my current build, i still got crushing blow for threat, i got sweeping fury 2/3 for another rage point 2 seconds faster and quake for the debuff, as you can see i did not go into accuracy for the reason of being almost in full rakata gear my accuracy is 10% from the gear that i have. i did go with dreadnaught for the melee and force damage/crit.


--This build i dont want to try and maybe never will. what the general population says is that this is a hybird spec, when really its more like a venegence and hope for the best. it does give you more threat but at the expence of survivability, the unstoppable talent makes almost useless like mentioned before, and the huddle talent could useless. lets say you intercede to a target for your buff while taking hardmode gharj or bonethasher, and they swipe or jump/pound on that target killing them, yourself or more who were standing by.


I'll be adding more as time passes, like Crew Skills CoughBiochemCough, Companions CoughVetteCough and other niknaks.


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