Warriors! Come out come out and plaaaaay....


25-01-2012 19:38:48

So we all know Marauders in general can be a bit interesting to play. That being said while learning wtf I was doing I found this guide on the main forums. I'm going to post it up for you all to read. It only covers annihilation and carnage though, as rage is considered a pvp spec. It's pretty good overall. Good info on our odd priority lists for abilities. After all got to get used to hitting 15 keys sometime! So for all of us out there, enjoy the read, also if you ever need help or have any questions feel free to pester the hell out of me. This is my all time favorite class and I've done the best I can by it.

Later fellow warriors, oh and feel free to post your tips and tricks here as well! I know I will.

Link to guide: