Companion Gift and Slicing Spreadsheet


27-12-2011 07:49:43

EDIT: Patch 1.0.1 changed the profitability of Slicing. The linked Spreadsheet is up to date with Post Patch Numbers, and contains some Pre-Patch numbers if anyone feels nostalgic for the "Good Ole Days".

EDIT 2: A new Tab was added to this Spreadsheet showing Affection Gain by Companion for different types of Gifts (ie Cultural, Technology, Weapon, etc). All Companion names are listed, so wait until 50 to check it if you don't want to find out who all your companions are early!

Found a link to this spreadsheet on the SWTOR forums. It lists out most of the Slicing Missions and lists Net Profit and Credit per Minute Gain, as well as a few other metrics. The biggest thing I noticed was that eventually it is actually more profitable to do lower skill missions.

I haven't had a chance to try this out, but plan on dropping Diplomacy on my Sorc to pick up Slicing, at least while leveling.



27-12-2011 08:47:26

Nice find there Val!


27-12-2011 16:31:01

Just read patch 1.0.1 notes.


Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
Adjusted incorrect values for medium slicing boxes."

Hopefully the change was minor. The owners of the Spreadsheet appear to be keeping it up to date though.


28-12-2011 13:26:27

Can you possibly find spreadsheet for the other gathering skills as well?


29-12-2011 01:57:00

If I see anything similar to this for other skills while browsing the Forums or wherever I'll be sure to post it. So far this is the only one I've seen though.


30-12-2011 17:50:46

Thank you very much for this Val. I have been working hard on all the trades and have really been trying to figure out if there was a "system" in the slicing skill. With 2 slicers now up to 400 it became apparent both times that the upper lvl missions were not necessarily the most profitable, but neither was going simply by the rich/abundant/moderate tags although some good returns could be had by simply staying with the rich ones.

This spread sheet takes the guesswork out of things. Now that odds will be in our favor when earning credits.

I have been working very hard trying to figure out all the trades and develop enough of an economy with my 4 available slicer companions to fund a massive supply hunt over the last several days. Odius is now twinked with lvl 21 hilts, mods, enhancements and augments in his 3 (so far) orange items and it feels very good... I did it through hard work in the trades.

Now I am working on twinking my other favorite toons. Soon I should be ready to create lvl 13/17/19/21 gear for the aim/endur, will/endur and cun/endur groups. I am also looking at droid upgrades, ship upgrades, earpieces, scooters... omg... there is so much stuff to create!

I guess what I am saying is that if you are in the below 30 crowd, catch me here or in the game with your special request... I bet I can make it for you.

And lastly, what it looks like to me is that to draw more players to the light side, many of the treasure/slicer missions give schematics for armstech/armortech/synthweaving for some very good all open slot items... but these schematics do not seem to show up for the dark side players. We seem to need to save up our commendation points to purchase our orange gear that can be upgraded along with us as we grow. If you are in the trade skills though, orange is the way to go!


30-12-2011 20:04:45

No problem Odius, glad the spreadsheet is useful. I'm not sure how often it gets updated, but I see whoever does own the spreadsheet has added a Treasure Hunting tab to it.

As I'm a big numbers guy, I'd love to see a larger sample size for some of the missions listed, but for my purposes while leveling to 50 the sheet works.

I've been tempted to create some spreadsheet similar to this that we (DJB) could use to track all of the Mission Crew Skills. Stuff like number of superior and epic materials typically returned, Light or Dark gain, chance of schematic drops, etc. I would also want to only collect the data from 400 skill characters, using crew members with no bonus to the skills. Then figure in a 100+ sample size for each mission before I would have confidence in my data, I could be working that all out for the next year!

Maybe one day when I have all the characters I'm interested in at 50. We'll have to see. Until that day, I will rely on whoever is updating the spreadsheet.