Part of SWTOR Guild but now showing so in my Character


25-12-2011 15:45:22

Hi all,

this might be a bug, but I am since early release part of the DJB -SWTOR Guild but it doesn't show in my Character sheet.

In this regards could someone help me to change that?

Thanks in advance


26-12-2011 05:55:15

Click the ToR tab on your Dossier and then click the link to the Guild. There you can add your membership to the ToR guild


18-02-2012 09:46:33

I dont know if this is how it is but the guild name dose not shoe under my characters names in game. And It saids that i am not in a guild.


12-03-2012 19:23:08

I have the same issue. Do I need someone to link my character to my account?


13-03-2012 19:32:01

A few basic steps to facilitate all your Jedi slaying needs...

Make sure you are on the Keller's Void Server, Empire Faction.
Join the Brotherhood channel. To set up the channel, in The Old Republic, right click the chat tabs, click Create Custom Channel, and then type Brotherhood.
Once you are in the channel you can talk to everyone by typing /4
Ask if there is an Officer online who can invite you to the guild, and be sure to have you DJB Dossier number handy for them.

Then kill many Jedi and profit (don't forget to loot them!)

For all other TOR Guild info, check the wiki, linked below: