Maarek Stele

16-12-2011 13:35:39

Anyone need armor? Can only make belts for Lv.9 and up, but working on advancing my crew's skills.

A'lora Kituri

16-12-2011 14:05:16

Sure. Do you have anything for level 15 and up? I'll have to check on the stats. Currently playing as a Sith Assassin (Morval).


08-02-2012 11:13:26

I can make almost a full set of purple 49 for dps assaisns and juggernaut tanks with some random pieces for other specs too. Just send me an in-game letter with what you need and I will send it over. I'll only charge cost, which is about 10k per piece.

As a general fyi, crafted has the same armor as tionese, but about 20 less endurance/willpower and of course no set bonus. It has more in the way of accuracy, crit and surge however and has more stat types per item. I have yet to compare the tanking gear.