I've been away


10-12-2011 01:26:09

Ive been away for a while and I'm trying to catch up on what's happening with the guild for SWTOR.

I've missed a lot not only here, but on the games website also. I'm sorry, I do not remember my pin number, but my account name here is the same as it is on the games website. I joined both a few months ago and started my training, but life happened and I had to stop as quickly as I started.

Anyway, I assume that the guild will be Empire, but if it's Republic, that's cool also. I read somewhere that the server type is going to be PvE and that's cool too, that's what I was hoping for. I plan on having two mains and both will be DPS. I wasn't able to play in the beta, so it will all be new to me.

Empire side, I will be playing a Sith Warrior. Where I go with it, I don't know yet. I don't even have a name, so if you all have any ideas, throw them out there.

Republic side will be, yup, you guessed it, a Jedi Knight, lol.

I've always been a Melee guy, but if you need me to play a different role just let me know and I will do my best.

If you all plan on having different raid groups, I don't know if I'm good enough for the A group, but the B or C group I think I can hold my own.

Sorry, I'm rambling on, it's just been a while and I'm trying to catch up, lol.


10-12-2011 02:22:33

I said my account name for both sites was the same. That is not the truth, lol. My account name here is Nebuchadnezzar but my account name on the game website is Nebukenezzar. Sorry for any confusion and also i know what my pin is now too, lol.


10-12-2011 08:42:00


I'll try to help you out with some things, but I'm pretty much a recently returned member like yourself so I may be slightly off on some stuff....

The guild (registered as Dark Jedi Brotherhood with SWTOR site) is set to be Empire. However there is also a Republic side guild from the DJB club as well (Knights of Odan-Urr), the Empire Guild seems to be more popular based on Forum activity though. There is a Forum on these boards for the Republic guild as well.

The guild is registered as a PvE Guild on the SWTOR site, and Bioware has said they will try to honor the choices made by guilds on the server type we get placed on. We should find out for sure in the next few days the Server Type and Server Name that we will play on. It will be added to the Guild Headquarters part of the SWTOR site and when you log into the game at the Server Select Screen the server which the guild is on will be marked with a Flag (as long as you are a member of it through the SWTOR site).

I can't speak much for plans on raid groups or what classes are needed, we'll probably have to wait until we all actually get into the game before those plans get figured out. Personally I'd just say play what you like, sounds like melee dps. I've bounced around classes in other games based on group needs and it always seems like I know and play my character better when its a type I enjoy.

Since you didn't get an opportunity to play in the Beta Weekend there is a post in these Forums with some reviews from those who were able to play in it. You might find some of the stuff interesting, or maybe just a pleasant distraction while we all wait for Early Access.

Hope some of this helps, and welcome back!


10-12-2011 11:02:26

Thank you for the info. I hate not know what's going on, lol.