Crew Skills/Crafters


27-11-2011 13:42:34

Whats your favorites/which are you going to go with when the game goes live?

I'm personally going with Diplomacy, bio-analysis and Bio Chemistry so that I can create medpacs and stims for the guild on my main character.

A'lora Kituri

27-11-2011 15:05:47

As an avid crafter in many great MMOs, i'll most likely have an alt for each craft, eventually. So far my favorite has been treasure hunting, archeology, and artifice. Those three combined allow you to customize some pretty sweet lightsabers. Slicing is very good as well, in my experience it earns the most credits out of any craft so far.


28-11-2011 14:51:49

I will likely going Arifice to make blue, yellow, green, and red crystals for everyone's weapons, treasure hunting to make those yellow crystals, and archeaology for resources. Also will be able to make mods for STR + END or WILL + END bonuses and offhand items.


29-11-2011 17:38:33

Artifice, Treasure hunting, archeology as well ... not sure if there will be sub specialties like there was in wow at one time. I think that was a mistake to remove the different smith types from blacksmithing

NOV Alexander DelGotto (Consular)//Odan-Urr


01-12-2011 05:47:56

I'll probably have artifice, archeology and treasure hunting on one force user and synthweaving, archeology and underworld trading on another, didn't really get to play around with the non-forceusers in the weekend beta so not sure what I'd pick for those.


16-12-2011 08:08:22

Well, I just got to the point where you can choose what to craft...since I'm new to this whole "crafting" thing, I don't really know which direction to go in. Basically, what can be useful to people in general, or can you not go wrong with any of the choices (Yeah, I know they generally group thing in 3 already).

So, are there good/bad routes to go with, or is it all just preference and anything can help? In most RPGs I always like being the talker/diplomat, so I saw diplomacy there. However it's most effective with the biochem stuff. Just want to make sure I won't go down an area that's useless :P

Maarek Stele

16-12-2011 13:39:23

Right now I'm going with Synthweaving, but may switch to Artifice later. If anyone's having trouble deciding on a good combination of crew skills posted a useful articule on the subject here.