Profession speculation and ideas!


22-07-2011 14:07:59

With the game hopefully launching soon it seems like a fun idea to talk about some of the professions you would like to see in game.

For something like TOR I am really hoping there is am emphasis on gathering and crafting. I would love to see hard-to-reach nodes of materials yielding better quality mats which in turn would go into making better quality craftables. This was how it worked in the old days of Galaxies from what I have heard and while there are improvements that could be made I think it would really add to the overall experience.

A profession designed around building transportation would be pretty unique as well. Imagine this, you are in "x" town and need to head 50 miles North to a mountain range to find a group of bandits who kidnapped "y" important person. You can attempt to head there on foot but that won't work and you know it, so now its time to find a crafter who can make "z" transport that will get you there much quicker. Transportation could range from single person to however many you want in terms of schematics that would be available to find throughout the world. Yes I said it, you have to hunt the schematics down you can't just rep grind and buy them from a vendor.


01-08-2011 11:54:56

I believe most of the professions will be done by your companions, rather than yourself. They can auto-gather for you even while you're away, etc.

I dunno if the players actually get a profession...


03-08-2011 11:51:10

Most of what we know about crafting AKA "Crew Skills" can be found here.

I also recall the devs saying that Gathering skills can be used by the Player Character and companions but all actual crafting will be preformed by your crew.


04-08-2011 10:33:05

I also think they mention a market area in one of the trailers. But i do like the idea for the crew to craft hope all i have to do is drop in the materials hit the on button and go about my questing. :mrgreen:

A'lora Kituri

23-08-2011 23:51:15

You get to choose one profession to do per character. Armourtech, weapons, etc. Although your companions do all of the actual crafting for you.