11-12-2012 05:29:04

Hi all,
I havent been around for a while, but am starting to play a few games again. Got ToR recently and have been playing it, i use to be part of the DJB Galaxies guild when it was about and was wondering how active DJB is in ToR and in which server?

Armag (2619)


27-12-2012 21:55:29

Hey Armag,

The DJB's TOR Guild is located on the Jedi Covenant Server. The most active part of it is on the Empire Faction, but there are some members active as part of the Republic side as well.

The TOR Guild Wiki Page contains alot of information about the Guild.

Another good resource is the TOR Guild Website which contains information about raid schedules and other things.

Hope this helped and we see you on Jedi Covenant soon!