Any Ideas and Suggestions??

Araxis Farron

29-11-2011 01:31:38

As the title suggests, I would like to open the floor up to everyone who will be taking part in the ToR movement. What would you like to see done with the DJB guild pre-launch, launch, and post-launch? All ideas and suggestions are welcome and will be considered to varying degrees.

Hopefully, with this being done, we'll get a little something put in from everyone and have something that is truly built by the DJB community!

A'lora Kituri

29-11-2011 18:19:17

I have a few suggestions based on ideas that I found worked in a few guilds I had led in other MMOs.

1) Clan nights (From LOTRO) - Clans of four or more (Depending on group sizes in TOR, I believe the usual is four.) will create alts to play on the given time that the clan has set. Members will try to remain realatively the same level as their clanmates and participate in quests together on these nights.

This had seemed to work well in LOTRO. At one point in our guild, we had 4-6 clans running. We also had a 'clan' running where six of us would log into our max-level characters to tackle instances as we tried to get everyone's gear as high as possible. Eventually, we ended up opening this to the entire guild so we could tackle the 12 and 24-man instances.

We could implement this pre, launch or post launch.

2) Events (WAR and LOTRO) - A member (or a group of members) of the guild will create some sort of special event for the guild to take part in (sometimes server-wide or open to Alliances.). These events may be a one-time event, or scheduled. Events can relate to questing, grinding massive amounts of monsters, RP, or crafting.

This seemed to have worked in both Warhammer Online and LOTRO, in about 4 guilds total. In LOTRO, our guild still has quite a few of events each week for the purpose or grinding deeds, questing or anything else. At one point we had a weekly guild event where we would gather and suggest different strategies for recruiting and drumming up activity.

As with my last suggestion, we could implement this at any time. We could possibly have events to celebrate launch or something.

3) Officer positions (WAR, LOTRO, Assorted others.) - In many other MMOs I have played, most of the guilds I had joined had different levels of officer positions. Since LOTRO itself only had four different roles in a guild (leader, Officer, Member, recruit) we had separate sections of our forum set up so only certain members could see, and tons of different officer positions. Here are a few positions we currently have in LOTRO:
Leader positions are nearly a must any any MMO, I think we already have that. House Governors, as they were called in our LOTRO guild would manage members of different houses in our LOTRO guild, they would set up house events and settle any arguments in their house. We also had clan leaders to organize what the different clans would be doing on their clan nights, these were often the creators of each clan. We also had Exemplars, chosen by the house leaders to help manage the guilds. We had an Alliance officer to manage alliances and set up events within the alliance with other guilds. Lastly, we had a event co-odinator (master of tales in LOTRO) to co-ordinate server or guild-wide events.


03-12-2011 13:01:03

Greetings, I have an idea but not sure how it would /could be used in the DjB. I was thinking that forming an additional guild or guilds for each house on a pvp server. Maybe the guilds could be used for members that plan to have alt characters or used for house vs house or to hunt republic players and guilds .


03-12-2011 18:45:37

... Gladiatorial Combat.

Bracketed duel competetion for certain rank ranges. Monthly titles associated for winner for each level range. (40-35, 35-30, 30-25, 25-20) . Must defend title every month to keep it or forfeit.

KAP Kelvis Xavier (Krath)/TYR/Scholae Palatinae [TOR] [GMRG: II] [ACC: CAN]

AC / DC / Cr-1R-1S-1E-1T / CF-GF / S:-1Dec


10-12-2011 09:25:55

I had a few ideas that I've been toying with over the last day or so.

-Gaming Nights
Incorporate SWTOR into DJB Gaming Nights. Awarding Clusters of Fire for several different actions in game that help the guild and your character progress. Some examples would be DJB Member Duels, Flashpoints, Heroic Flashpoints, Random Warzones, Competitive Warzones (when they get released), and defeating raid bosses (bonus for Heroic bosses). The CoFs could scale depending on how many other DJB TOR Guild members are in the group with you at completion of the activities, with a minimum of 2 players required for Flashpoints and Warzones. Flashpoints would also need to be appropriate to your level, you shouldn't be able to run your Lvl 50 Sorc through the lvl 10 Flashpoint to get CoFs. CoF amounts would probably be less than other platforms right now, awarded only for wins (except for duels). Another exception would be if you can choose to Wargame against another team, and 2 DJB Teams could PvP against each other. I don't remember the Raid size right now, but I expect you would want more than 2 members in a Raid for it to count 4 or so sounds fair if it was a 10 person pick up group raid. Maybe do something to give bonus's for the first time the guild defeats a boss in a raid.

That's just a brief explanation of the idea about the Gaming Nights. There would need to be rules modified to fit into SWTOR and new CoF charts created. I think the 6 games per platform rule could be modified to be 6 Flashpoints (Regular or Heroic, or separate the two?), 6 Raid Bosses, 6 Random Warzones, 6 Competitive Warzones, or something like that. Remember the amount of CoFs will be adjusted with the new tables so that its not an insane amount going out each week.

I'm not sure if someone is already working on this, but I'd be happy to draft something and send it in if it sounds like something we could implement. Honestly I'll probably start drafting it before I hear back anyway, so I don't forget the stuff I've already come up with. I will need some help determining what an appropriate amount of CoFs to award are, I don't really know what the "typical" amount of CoFs are that get awarded each week to a person who games casually or who games hardcore. I can definitely get this done with time for us to implement before SWTOR Launch, because well... after launch I'd rather be playing SWTOR than writing rules for this system LOL.

Some ideas for Competitions as we kick off the launch of SWTOR and the Guild within SWTOR. I'm not sure what level awards are appropriate for each, I'll leave that up to the more experienced members.
*First of each Crafting Skill to Max (This is my favorite one, it provides the Guild with Crafters to help everyone gear and the guild advance into end game content)
*First to Max Social Points (promotes grouping, helps guildmates get to know each other, helps spread the word to the server about how awesome we are)
*First to Max Valor Points (promotes pvp, see above comments, especially the awesome-ness part)
*First of each Advanced Class to lvl 50 (This could cause people to rush through Storyline content, so I'm not sure I like it, but am suggesting it anyway)
*First to Max Lightside or Darkside Rating (or separate competitions for Light and Darkside, more of a fun competition, no real game or guild benefits)

-Duels (to build on Kelvis' suggestion)
*Duels by Advanced Class - Add a Guild Note in Game for the winner that says something like "Sorcerer Duelist" or "Powertech Duelist" for each Class Bracket.
*Duels for Guild Overall - Add a Guild Note in Game for the winner that says something like "Guild Gladiator"
Titles must be defended or lost each month. This could potentially be a reoccurring competition also. There should also be a minimum number of member's competing for both categories so no one wins "by default". Three entries for Advanced Class and Six entries for Guild Overall? It could be set up in a Bracket system with the Best of 3 Duels progressing. We could even get fancy and level the playing field by using pre-determined gear sets, so duels are decided purely on class knowledge and playskill with no real gear advantages.
Expanding this to multiple level ranges can get tricky as people will likely be leveling throughout the month. This system I don't think I would be able to work out before launch, there are a ton of variables at play in it.

Not sure if I went overboard with any of that stuff.


10-12-2011 10:08:15

Just an FYI


10-12-2011 10:41:43

Ah, I see I'm a bit late lol. I did already get some info put together, I'll email over what I have and if you would like to include it or modify anything feel free. Or you can delete it :P no hurt feelings I promise.

The only significant difference I see is that the system I drafted won't require an official to be present for Flashpoints/Warzones/Operations (submitted by screenshot) and encourages members to include as many DJB guildmates in the group as possible, by scaling CoFs awarded. This flexibility allows players who are only around during non-peak times to be involved as well.

My CoF amounts are also much lower, so they probably need to be adjusted.


10-12-2011 10:43:01

Completely up to you.