ToR Servers

Maarek Stele

03-11-2011 14:45:11

Has any discussion taken place within the DBJ on which server the guild will be participating on? Bioware has announced that there's going to be four different servers and I was wondering which one in particular brotherhood members were leaning towards. Personally whether it's going to be an RP server or not I could easily go either way. But as for PvE vs PvP, I'd vote for PvE as I simply hate going about my quests and then having to fend off an attack from some random a-hole.


03-11-2011 15:05:25

We are going to be on a PvE server.


03-11-2011 15:52:35

Well i was hoping for a pvp server but i get that most people don't like the idea of finding some random jedi questing and gank them as you laugh hysterically :P


04-11-2011 00:15:00

PvE's the best way to go, I'm down.

A'lora Kituri

08-11-2011 00:05:06

PVE. I'm not a fan of having to always be in a PVP spec while running around questing. However, there is also PVE-RP servers.


08-11-2011 02:03:55

Like I said, we are going to be on a PvE server.


09-11-2011 00:51:25

Good call. I think PvE suits us better. Besides if you want to do PvP you can just you don't have to do it all the time


01-12-2011 17:05:36

lol, pve is lame


10-12-2011 10:43:34

We'll know the server on monday