12-10-2011 06:56:01

I see on the wiki page there are some criteria for Clusters of Fire for dueling and flashpoints/operations. I'm not familiar with the game having not been in beta at all but for PvPers like myself, is there a "wargame" like feature where you can organize non-rated PvP between two teams like in WoW? If there was that would really be cool for our purposes I think, we could have clan battle and such in game.

Also, are there other plans to award Cluster of Fire for other PvP activity?

NOV Blarex (Sith)//Galeres of Arcona [ACC: CAN]


14-10-2011 02:00:57

CF's will be given for other activities as well. I just never shared what the rest of the templates are with the db yet ;)

A'lora Kituri

20-10-2011 22:04:17

I really hope that there will be some way for us to choose to fight between out two guilds, and that they don't go the Warhammer way of random matchmaking. Be nice too if they allowed user-created channels to chat cross-faction so we don't have to go to IRC constantly to co-ordinate PVP fights.


22-10-2011 17:30:19

We have our own Ventrilo server dude..

A'lora Kituri

23-10-2011 17:12:00

Heh, I never knew that :P


24-10-2011 11:10:22

Sheesh way to read my reports man :P I announced that we had a vent server sometime in August XD


27-10-2011 01:03:59

hi if everyone go to be mean to me i jsut quit