ToR Beta


10-10-2011 14:06:55

So who's been playing the beta?


10-10-2011 15:38:55

not me, wish I was though. New laptop comes in this week, so maybe it's for the best

Araxis Farron

11-10-2011 06:29:38

Technically we can tell you (at least so far as I read in the NDA)

I, Stormreaver (also known as Araxis Pepoi Farron), member of Squadron 367 (this time around), have been testing the Old Republic.

A'lora Kituri

20-10-2011 22:00:14

I was there around the same time. Also can't say much (NDA) but it's by far the best MMO out there. I'm expecting a smooth launch since the servers were working great.


22-10-2011 17:30:43

Damn NDA

Araxis Farron

23-10-2011 15:07:45

Yup, the NDA is a bitch.... I've been dealing with it for 2 beta squads now >_<

Soon though my brothers and sisters, soon we will have the game of games :D

A'lora Kituri

23-10-2011 17:14:33

Yeah, hopefully the NDA is dropped soon. Most games ive played would have had it dropped as soon as the game got 2 months from launch.


08-11-2011 10:21:53

I've been chugging away at the beta for about 8 months now, loving every second of it. Looking forward to launch.

Also, any thoughts/opinions on those that are in the beta getting a DB guild up and going in game so we can start getting our name out there? Not sure exactly how many are testing but it would be nice to start seeing the DJB tag in an mmo again...

Maarek Stele

09-11-2011 00:21:25

I just got my invitation to this weekend's Beta testing and would be happy to hear from anyone else in the guild who also got in.


09-11-2011 00:49:40

I'm in for this weekend too. I'm super psyched!


15-11-2011 11:57:05

i was in for the last weekend


17-11-2011 09:58:11

Seems I got an invite to next weekend. Looking forward to it, but it lacks instructions. I'll just keep logging in to to get any updates and bugging fremoc :-p.

A'lora Kituri

19-11-2011 15:58:42

NDA lifted!

I'm open to any questions. :)

Also, not sure if I was supposed to get an invite to stress testing, did anyone else recieve an invite recently for this?


19-11-2011 17:40:50

They sent out invitations to everyone who signed up for testing before 11/11 saying they'd been chosen for a future beta weekend to stress test their servers.

A'lora Kituri

20-11-2011 00:36:59

Yeah, no invite here. :/ Soo I went on Curse and picked up a beta key. Also found out I got a spare from Bioware Social Network shortly after. Let me know if anyone wants it.


21-11-2011 01:51:46

Well this weekend coming up we'll all be on the Leviathan server again. Its going to be hell though because of so many people trying to get on at once, but hopefully the queues won't be too bad.

A'lora Kituri

21-11-2011 18:04:42

Is it this coming weekend? I have yet to recieve an invitation email. Strange, as I participated in one of the earlier weekends (before nov.11th).

*Edit* Just checked the SWTOR tester site. Apparently I got invited without any email or PM notices, strange.

Which faction do you all plan on playing? Anyone rolling a light-side character?