Preorders Announced!

A'lora Kituri

21-07-2011 17:19:46

Last night (July 20th, 2011) Bioware, EA and Lucasarts have all announced preorders for all three editions of The Old Republic!


Game Editions!:

The two editions, Standard and (a rather expensive 150-ish dollar) Collector's will be available from a wide variety of retailers. All three, including Deluxe will be available via Origin, EA's online store that will grant both physical and non-physical copies of your preorder on launch. It has been stated that Origin is sold out of Collector's editions though. For those of us in Canada, we can pre-order from either Origin or Gamestop. Also, it is mentioned somewheree that a certain amount of guild members will be required to pre-order to have the guild constructed during the Early access.


22-07-2011 15:42:41

I pre-ordered my CE from Excited is too weak a word to even begin describing how I feel about getting closer to this game going live. If it is even half as good as it looks like it is going to be then I'll be thrilled.

A'lora Kituri

30-07-2011 17:26:21

Agreed, I was a bit shocked though when I found out Canada only recieved 900 CE's 2 days after the announcement. It turns out my Gamestop got in more copies yesterday (only had 3 when I was there earlier, all sold out), so I grabbed at the opportunity to upgrade my pre-order. Incredibly stoked and excited as we get closer to launch.

Still waiting on that code though. :|


15-11-2011 12:15:58

new to the DB, but i per-ordered as soon as i was able at my game stop, i upgraded to the collectors the day they could as well ... i get the warm and fuzzes every time i think about it