Why I Write - Arturis


26-03-2011 11:49:14

Writing for me has always been more than a simple hobby or activity, it has been a passion. To be able to express yourself in words in a way that fits not only you but those around you is to me, one of the most unique experiences of my life.

Years ago, I was not the most popular person. I was quiet, always to myself, and to lack of a better word in a 'shell'. And because of that, I was perceived as a weakling and in turn was constantly picked on. When I changed schools in the 6th Grade, I met my first real friend who was just like me; but a writing nut. He was my first introduction to writing, as we would write stories day in day out, even runon style ones where I would write for a day and then he would.

Writing became to me a new way of expressing myself in ways I never could before. I became that person I wanted myself to be, and took him down paths that I always wanted to go down. From being a Pokemon Trainer to being a sea-faring pirate, I was who I wanted. When I faced trials in life, I reflected those trials in my writing. If I had happy moments or sad moments, I would reflect that as well.

It became an escape from this life, and actually helped improve me as a person. I became more confident, open, less scared of punishment and fearful of those who would try to make my life miserable. Surprisingly it all came to a head in the 8th Grade when one of the regular kids who picked on me decided to start a a fight with me by leaping over the lunch table at me. Almost instinctively, instead of cowering I grabbed him in midair as we both fell to the ground and I just beat the living heck out of him.

He couldn't believe it, and neither could I afterwards. We shook hands in the principals office, blood on the both of us, and that was the end. Principal still wishes he would have been there to see it, he knew one day I would snap from it all. And it was a day he was gone.

From there, I took my writing to a whole new level in the creation of my book series, and becoming who I am today. But originally, it was an escape from life. Now; it is a passion that I continue to develop today, and continue to use to funnel things from my life in the world that I create and control, with a character just like me only perfected in ways that I can not be.