[June Pilot]Contract 003: Lexiconus - Assassination, A-Class

Celevon Edraven

04-06-2014 22:53:47

ACB Contract Offices
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Estle City, Selen

The Onderonian poured a drink as soon as the Warlord was out of sight. There was an uneasy alliance between himself and the Rollmaster due to Celevon’s friendship with the older man’s fiancée.

The Prelate sat back down and took a swig from the glass, sighing in relief at the burning down his throat. Without looking up, he called out, “Hunter Lexiconus. Come in and take a seat.”

The Togruta raised an eyebrow, but did as he was told. “You have a job I can do, Prelate Edraven?”

“First things first, kid. My name is Celevon. Use it. None of this formality osik,” the Obelisk grumbled, searching through the holodisks before tossing one at the Inquisitor.

It landed in his lap. Lexiconus activated the unit and began reading:

Mission: Assassination, A-Class
Target: Ivan Erickson, Twi’lek Male, Aged between 25 and 35 years
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to kill this man in whatever manner you so choose. He’s a spice dealer, so he should be fairly easy to find.
Resistance: None, so long as you don’t make the kill obvious in front of one of his customers

“Do you have any further information for me? Such as a description...” Lexiconus spoke softly, looking up at the Prelate.

“As for a description, it won’t be needed. The contract was submitted by a concerned parent. This dealer is selling to children, making the drugs into the shape of candy so they can get their friends hooked without resistance. Good hunting.”