A House Divided - Contract 5 (Wes Biriuk)

Nadrin Arconae

13-06-2013 17:18:35

-Order Loyal-
-B Class-


A hazy humanoid figure sprang to life in front of Wes and began to speak, voice distorted by some sort of scrambler program.

“Greetings, I’ll be brief so that you can get on with your mission. Your target is one of the House Summit’s diplomats who has been going around Port Ol’Val trying to gain allies for the Sith leaders. You need to eliminate him, and although he has no real combat skills to speak of, he is usually accompanied by a pair of bodyguards, but never the same two people so you’ll have to work that bit out on your own. Details are following this, happy hunting.”

The figure dissipated, to be followed by a short stack of text that the Obelisk began to read.


Target: Noma Vandar
Species: Human
Specifics: Not a fighter in any sense, he’s a diplomat in every sense of the word and is always accompanied by 2 bodyguards, although he changes them regularly so we have no intel on who will be protecting him at the time. Take him out, come on home. Happy hunting.