[Homecoming] Contract 001 S’nar Seshai and Atyiru Araave


11-06-2013 15:36:22

Sanguinius looked up from his terminal to see the two newly Knighted Galereans standing before him.

"Nice to see you’re so eager to serve Galeres.” The Quaestor spoke softly, smiling.

"I stand ready as always,” S’nar answered curtly while Atyiru merely raised her eyebrows in response.

"I'm assuming you're not here to chat, though." The Anaxsi’s nimble fingers flashed over the keys of his terminal as he reviewed a few files. The situation was untenable and needed to be resolved as quickly as possible. Yes, this would be perfect. He turned his attention back to the Knights.

"I have an A-Class mission for you. Should help you two bond.” With the flick of the wrist, Sanguinius hurled a small data pad at the Dark Jedi Knight. Atyiru caught the pad dexterously between her fingers.

The Exarch nodded his head in approval. “You’ll find the pertinent information on the audio file.”
"We'll take care of it," the Obelisk said as the Dark Jedi turned and exited the office.


[Homecoming] Contract 001 S’nar Seshai and Atyiru Araave

Target: Refuelling base in orbit
Location: Gethsemane

We’ve lost contact with the fuelling base. I want you two to take a squad of AEF Troopers with you.

The Fuel Depot is in orbit over Gethsemane, one of the moons of Ereboros.

The Depot is manned by 24 Technicians and other assorted staff.

Find out what’s going on and re-establish contact with the base. Arcona needs that base operational to fuel our fleets.

This is of supreme importance.

Don’t let the Shadow Clan down.