Contract 056 - Graus Colvin


06-09-2012 21:25:53

Class C Mission - Undercover

"Congratulations, Graus. A well-earned promotion, if ever there was one," Legorii said.

"Legorii?" Graus responded, sounding surprised.

"I'm Marick for the time being, yes. A dubious honor, I know," Legorii cracked a grin. "Well, this mission sure won't baby you. The newest Knight is going straight into the heart of the beast. There's a new organization growing in Port Ol'val, and a name I recognize has been whispered in association with them. They're called "Bleakers", and while there are only two or three dozen of them currently, they've been deemed a threat."

Graus replied, "Two or three dozen? That's a pretty close-knit group."

Legorii shrugged. "Well, they haven't known each other for too long, and they are recruiting heavily. Impress them somehow, but don't show all your cards. Their reputed leader is a former Arconan, and he left us shortly after he himself attained Knighthood. In the years since, he can only have grown in strength. Do not take him lightly, and do not disappoint. All you need to do is take the group down, you don't necessarily need to kill their head - unless you choose to. His dossier is being transmitted to your datapad. And Graus? Yes, you're a Knight now, but you have a long way still to go on your path to Dark Side supremacy. Good luck."

Legorii snapped the commlink shut, hoping that the young man had the audacity to do what needed to be done.


Name: Kreon
Race: Human
Age: 42
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180 lbs

Piloting: ** (2/5)
Strength: **** (4/5)
Agility: *** (3/5)
Ranged: *** (3/5)
Melee: *** (3/5)
Brawl: * (1/5)
Saber: **** (4/5)
Force Aptitude: *** (3/5)


12-09-2012 13:08:03

Putting down the datapad, Graus leaned back in his chair and stretched, feeling the bones in his spine pop. With a sigh, he looked at the lightsaber handle sitting on the desk. It’s polished metal casing reflecting the light from the overhead lamp. The emitter end was scorched black, a mark of the last few attempts to use the strange crystal Ginnafae had created before her death.

Ok, fine tuned the harmonics and replaced the capacitors. Let’s try this one more time, Graus thought as he held the handle out, the emitter cap pointed away from him. Depressing the activation stud, a blade the color of dried blood sprang to life, spearing out to the proper length. The humming of the weapon sounded steady and even, with no heat radiating from the cap. A smile started to creep on his face when the monotone hum began to warble and crackle; the blade began to destabilize, with pulses of energy rippling up the blade length.

Dammit! Graus thought as cascading arcs of red, brown and gold static enveloped the blade, casting off white spots of plasma in all directions. The handle began to buck in his hand as the energy was pushing the handle back. Within seconds the blade winked out of existence with a loud pop as the resistors inside the handle finally failed. Looking through the white spots in his eyes, Graus saw the emitter cap was glowing white hot, the outer edges showing signs of the plasma actually melting the metal base. With a disgusted sigh, Graus took the weapon and dipped the cap in a bucket of water, an angry hiss of steam escaping the container as the metal of the emitter cooled rapidly. Throwing the weapon on the desk, he stretched back and decided now was the best time to take a break. Perhaps this newest mission would give him time to look at this problem through renewed eyes. He would someday get this damn crystal to work, he was sure of it.

Standing up, he opened the drawer of his desk and slid all his tools into it with a sweep of his arm, too irritated to give thought to proper handling and care. All that remained was the large leather bound tome and the lightsaber handle, both sitting there seemingly mocking him. Oh well, time to go to work, he thought and stuffed the book and the handle into a backpack. Grabbing a few other items, Graus sealed the door to his cell and pushed a button on his datapad, forwarding his mission and a prepared note to the Quaestor and Aedile. Graus knew this mission would take some time, so best to let them know he would be out of touch for a bit, even though he was sure they already knew. Better safe than sorry.


Graus Colvin, Dark Jedi Knight and member of House Qel Droma, entered the turbolift and after a short descent the doors cycled open and TX-1829, a smuggler known in the seedier underworld circles as ‘Tix’ exited. Slinging his pack over his shoulder, Tix entered the Port Ol’Val hangar area and made his way towards his ship. Boarding his new vessel, recently acquired on a frozen planet after the catastrophic crash landing of his beloved TIE-Bomber Rattles, Tix made his way aft towards the small cabin on the dorsal side of the ship.

Too big to be a starfighter and too small to be classified as a transport, this ship was obviously a custom vessel created for someone with unique needs. Tix was forced to once again give credence to the Will of the Force that he discovered it, sitting abandoned in a hangar deep within a palatial compound built into the side of a glacier on a frozen planet named Brakksma. The only identifier was the registry number on a small plate mounted on the flight control yoke armiture: SSL3-VHy-00000002. Dubbing the ship Albatross, Tix found it more than suitable to the life of smuggling and had completed a couple of nerf-milk runs in the vessel already. A few more jobs and he’d be able to start upgrading some of the more essential systems.

Suiting up in his stormtrooper armor and fastening his hood in place, Tix put the backpack in the small lockbox in the cabin and decided a drink at the Wounded Wampa might just be the thing he needed before looking for these ‘Bleakers’. Maybe his friend Thoth would have some information he could use to get started.