Contract 055 - Andrelious J. Inahj


06-09-2012 21:09:19

Class C Mission - Extraction

"Ready to get back in the cockpit, Andrel?" Legorii's voice crackled over the commlink. Andrel was a bit surprised to hear it, as he was expecting Marick, his Proconsul, to be handing out the assignment. "Sorry, Wally is currently...predisposed, let's say," Legorii said with a snicker, leaving the rest to the imagination. "Anyways, your mission. I think this will be right up your alley. There's a Twi'lek dancer who recently slipped through the Port Authority's fingers - she was last seen at the docks. We have reason to believe she is attempting to get off planet." Legorii paused, and Andrel waited patiently.

Coughing to clear his voice, the Anzat continued. "You see, one of our esteemed Arconae was a little...indiscreet, I suppose, in his dealings with this girl. She might spill valued Clan secrets, and we can't afford to let them fall into the wrong hands. She herself is little threat, but she has powerful and well-connected clients. Some of them are Force-sensitive, but most of them are criminal bigwigs. Find her, even if she's already left Ol'val," Legorii finished firmly.

Andrel checked his datapad, waiting for her dossier. "You want her dead?"

Legorii sighed. "Unfortunately, no. This particular Arconae is quite fond of her. Bring her back alive, if you can. Otherwise, silence her."


Name: Mikaela Mikter
Race: Twi'lek
Age: 23
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100lbs

Piloting: (0/5)
Strength: * (1/5)
Agility: *** (3/5)
Ranged: ** (2/5)
Melee: (0/5)
Brawl: (0/5)
Saber: (0/5)
Force Aptitude: (0/5)


12-09-2012 19:07:06

It had been a surprise to Andrelious that it was not Marick that had greeted him with his new contract. The Battlelord knew that the Hapan had a few others who assisted him with the ACB, but Legorii had certainly never assigned a contract to anyone before.
Inahj had begun to earn a reputation among the ACB staff – his missions usually ended up with many deaths, the Sith proving merciless when dealing with his targets. His previous mission, for instance, had resulted in Andrelious slaying much of the crew of a Blockade Runner, although he had tricked many into evacuating the ship. This time, though, it was clear a more delicate approach was needed.

Port Ol’val was still largely in disarray following the recent incident there. Whilst life was mostly back to normal, Inahj could sense a great deal of tension remaining, even among the general public. Many of the cantinas were now frequently host to a massive brawl, certainly much more than before, whilst some of the more legitimate denizens of the Shadowport were acting a lot more cautiously.

Time to find this Twi’lek bitch Andrelious thought to himself as he studied his target’s profile. She herself would not pose a threat, but the Battlelord knew that her allies probably packed a much larger punch – perhaps the force-sensitives were even part of another Brotherhood faction.

The picture that Legorii had attached showed that his target, Mikaela Mikter, was a crimson skinned ‘lethan’ Twi’lek. Such a skin colour was rare among the Twi’lek kind; it would make Andrel’s task a little easier. The Sith packed his datapad, along with two E-11s, some grenades and a change of clothing into a travel bag, which he slung onto his shoulder. He clipped his lightsaber onto his belt alongside a hip-flask full of his favourite Brandy.

After making sure for one final time that he had his desired equipment, Inahj left the living quarters that he had on Port Ol’val. They were not as lavish as those afforded to Arconans elsewhere in the Dajorra system, but there was a good reason for that- the quarters were not for Andrelious; they were supposedly a living space for Jocjo Blueen, the owner of one of the many businesses that operated out of Port Ol’val. Blueen was styled as having enough money to live comfortably, but was far from the wealthiest citizen, even on the relatively small community of the Shadowport. In reality, the only assets that the false company had were a few buildings, which were used by House Qel-Droma as storage areas, and a number of older model ships, all of which had been acquired by Inahj on various missions.

Stepping out into the cultural melting pot that Port Ol’val was, Andrelious was ready to begin his search…


22-11-2012 09:58:24

Despite its name, the Severed Lekku cantina was particular popular with Twi’leks. The bar was usually full of the Rylothian species, although the usual crowds of humans were present too. Andrelious moved quickly through the throngs of people, stopping only to quickly order a drink. The Battlelord chose not to ask about his quarry directly; another incident on Ol’val was the last thing that Inahj or indeed any of Arcona wanted.

So she’s not in the Lekku. A rare miss by the DIA. the Sith mused as he headed to the exit, nodding knowingly at a Muun who sat quietly in a corner booth. On seeing the nod, the thin headed alien responded in kind – he was a DIA operative who acted under the cover of a drunk, frequenting the Shadowport’s shadiest and busiest cantinas. This time, his intelligence efforts had not been of use; a record he had entered indicated that Mikter was a regular in the Severed Lekku.

The rest of the DIA’s records on Mikter were sketchy. There were sightings of her in other sectors of Port Ol’val, but Inahj disregarded them- the locations listed were mostly shops, some of which had since been vacated. The record had nothing further, but the file did not end neatly on the Sith’s datapad – a large gap resided under the last paragraph. That was unusual. Normally, the record ended quite abruptly. It was almost as if information that had once been present had been removed.

Andrelious frowned as he considered the possibility. Somebody with access to the DIA’s files was deliberately destroying data. Whoever it was would have to be dealt with, but the issue at hand was Inahj’s Twi’lek target.

The Battlelord headed towards the cavernous hangars of Port Ol’val. Mikaela Mikter was to be found further afield…