{O:RT} [Contract 014- Andrelious]


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(This contract takes place before the events of the [ORT] RO to help with continuity)

<... Class-C Mission - Recruting>

"Andrelious. Your skills as a pilot are unmatched, and you are without a doubt one of the best fliers we have in Arcona. For that, I have a mission that requires your attention and skill set.

A young Chiss pilot by the name of "Shen", has been toting himself as a hotshot pilot. He has been seen on Selen challenging Bounty Hunters and Mercs alike in combat simulators. The vid's we have collected show that he is very instinctive, with high reflexes and a sharp eye for combat. On top of it, he's 16 years old.

I need to you to find this "Shen", seek him out, and see if his skills are really as good as he boasts. If so, you are to find a way to lure him to our cause and enlist him into Arcona's airforce.

Oh, and one last thing. He detests the Force - both light and dark side. He will join us, or see to it that he never flies again.

Good luck. Marick out."


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The Sinchi Ring of Estle City was not Andrelious’ favourite location. He considered the area to be of no use to him, though he knew that his apprentice, Incendus, often stopped by to locate lightsaber parts. For now, however, he was on his own.

Dressed in the clothing of a spacer, the Battlelord moved through the crowd until he had found a building that housed several flight simulators. They were used frequently by starry eyed civilians, many of whom would never dare to venture from Selen. The better pilots, though, were usually offworlders with real experience, such as Bounty Hunters.

As Inahj watched, a young female clad in armour clambered into one of the simulators, her face failing to hide her obvious fury at something. A second being entered the adjacent sim. He was definitely not a local, for there were none of his kind living in Estle City.

That’s my target Inahj realised as the alien, instantly recognisable to most as a Chiss, disappeared into the pod-like structure of the simulator.

With no time to lose, Andrelious marched into the building. He tossed a credstick to a nearby employee, and activated the nearest simulator. Once inside, he learned that the others had already begun combat. They were flying TIE Interceptors, and it appeared that ‘Porls’he’nirido’, evidently the real name of his Chiss target, was already five kills ahead.

Joining the fight himself under a pseudonym, Inahj also selected a TIE Interceptor – he did not want to give off the impression of a cheat. The Sith quickly adapted to the nature of the simulator, thanks in part to his Imperial training. He had soon surpassed the young woman, who was unable to keep up with the finesse of her opponents.

‘Shen’, however, was proving a tougher nut to crack. He possessed a raw talent that reminded Andrelious of so many of his old colleagues. Whilst he lacked the experience of the Sith, the young Chiss did not lack bravery, even ramming Inahj at one point.
After some time, Inahj had overtaken Shen, but it had been hard work for the Battlelord, who had found himself ‘killed’ by the Chiss on six occasions. As Andrelious had surpassed his opponent’s total, things became slightly easier, as if Shen had begun to lose patience.

A loud buzz indicated that the simulation was over. Andrel carefully climbed out of his ‘pod’. He congratulated the young woman on her own score, before making his way over to the Chiss that was sat in the third simulator.

The Sith knew that he would have to be careful. His briefing had indicated that Shen apparently detested the Force. Marick had been vague with exactly what that meant; during his Imperial days Inahj had met many who believed the Force to be a legend, and even more who saw it as something to be afraid of.
“You,” the Arconan began.


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