{O:RT} [Contract 010 - Legorri]


10-06-2012 02:20:35

<... Class-C Mission - Assassination >

"Not bad....had to make sure you still had it. Oblivion Brigade for life. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Now that you're warmed up, I have something a bit more challenging. One of our members has gone rouge, a Sith Battlelord by the name of Kr'an Bracka, and is threatening to share data that he has stolen with the highest bidder on the market. You know that we cannot have any information leaking to any of the other unit's, especially Taldrya. I don't think I need to remind you how Arcona treats turncoats either.

He was last seen headed to the docks. He no doubt plans to get off planet undetected, so try and catch him before he leaves, and if not, find him and do what needs to be done. He is said to be an ace fighter pilot, a quick draw, and a decent swordsman. Unfortuantely, he took out one of my agents that had followed him, so that's as much information as we have. I've attached his dossier for your convenience.

Report back to me when Kr'an Bracka is no more. Marick out."



Name: Kr'an Bracka
Race: Twi'lek
Age: 30
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190lbs

Piloting: ***** (5/5)
Strength: ** (2/5)
Agility: **** (3/5)
Ranged: ****(4/5)
Melee: *** (3/5)
Brawl: * (1/5)
Saber: ** (2/5)
Force Aptitude: *** (3/5)

[NOTE: For O:RT purposes, assume that this story already happened when you are working on the Run-On. Any questions, please let me know. -w ]


11-06-2012 00:50:27

When Legorii heard the name that crackled over the audio recording, he could not help but smile. He knew Kr’an Bracka, and knew him well. He was a fool, and had never become one with the Arconan way – somehow he had clawed his way to the rank of Sith Battlelord, unwilling to be slowed on the way by the constant mocking he was subjected to in House Qel-Droma. In fact, his attempts to join the Entar family had been met with laughter – something that doubtlessly pricked the pride of the Twi’lek.

Glancing over the datapad that listed what the Arconan Intelligence Agency knew of the rogue Dark Jedi, Legorii swore under his breath. Kr’an was no joke with the controls of a fighter in his hands, while the Archpriest hardly knew the difference between a hyperdrive and a cloaking device. If the Battlelord managed to get off planet, the Qel-Droman would have a much bigger headache to deal with.

The thought of the old Arconan fool, Kr’an Bracka, getting off-planet and taking what he knew with him to the hated House Taldryan incensed Legorii, and he angrily stowed the datapad and headed for the docks. It appeared as though in a hand-to-hand or ranged confrontation, the Sith would be at a severe disadvantage, but if he got off the ground, everything would go to hell. Unsure of how far behind he was, Legorii made haste, setting off at a brisk pace toward the space port.


Giorgi Romaine’s commlink buzzed. He glanced at it briefly and looked away, returning to shuffling the sheaf of papers on his messy desk. He was busy. The port beyond the glass window was moving but not overly crowded, populated primarily by traders and merchants. There were a few starfighters docked in a smaller hangar to the side, but those sat unperturbed, in silence.

Again, the commlink buzzed, and this time Romaine actually looked at the name on the other end. Legorii Kryotek Entar. Eyes widening, he snatched the communicator and answered it, immediately apologizing for answering so slowly. The voice on the other end was curt, not interested in any niceties, and above all cold.

“Romaine. Shut down the starfighter hangar. There is a Dark Jedi attempting to get off planet – see to it that he does not. I have reason to believe that he is already in the port. Should you fail, I will mount your head on my wall.”

Shuddering, the port operator shut the link and gently placed it on his desk. His hand shook while he did so. Turning, he shut down access to the starfighter hangar, then went out of his office and met with the head of the city security force stationed at the port. “I need your best men stationed around all outbound vessels, checking identification. It is imperative that we prevent a blue-skinned Twi’lek from leaving the city. If you fail, I’ll have you removed from duty,” Romaine commanded him.


Kr’an wore his traveling cloak with his hood pulled up – he knew how shady he looked, but he had no choice. The offer he had received from House Taldryan had been lucrative, and he had no choice but to travel there immediately to offer what he knew. He had been clumsy about it at first, and had caused the Summit to suspect him. Killing the agent that had been sent after him had been a huge mistake, and Kr’an knew that the next man sent after him would be much more capable, and would be authorized to kill.

He stood in a shadowed corner of an expensive cantina at the docks, an upscale place that catered to the merchants and traders that frequented the spaceport. The Sith knew that the Dajorra Defense Force would be alerted to his rebelliousness, and would likely shoot him down if he gave them the opportunity. He was one of the finer pilots in Arcona, and had served alongside Shade Squadron in the Yuuzhan Vong Incursion, but even he was not immune to anti-aircraft lasers mounted around the port and on the orbiting spacecraft.

Kr’an knew he had to get on a smaller ship, one that he could pilot himself. Diverting a passenger transport from its appointed route would raise alarms, and docking with a larger vessel would also require identification. Taldryan had left him hanging after he agreed to give them what he had on his former Clan, unwilling or unable to enter Clan Arcona territory in order to link up with him. Starfighters would have been the most direct avenue, but the Battlelord feared the DDF would be monitoring them closely. Instead, he had gone for the known smugglers, and attempted to coordinate transportation off-planet.

The smugglers, however, did not take well to his attempts at negotiation, for he had no credits to offer, and he dared not use his Force powers for fear of alerting the other Dark Jedi in Port Ol’val. When one smuggler pulled a gun on him, it was all Kr’an could do to stop from destroying the misguided criminal - he restrained himself only with thoughts of the glory that awaited him when he joined House Taldryan, and the obstacles that killing the man would present to such a goal.

By the time he turned to try the starfighter hangar, he found the doors firmly sealed, with guards stationed around the entrances. Swearing, he realized that his pursuers were onto him - they would soon find him. Throwing caution to the wind, the Battlelord strode up to one of the guards, attempting to talk his way into the starfighter hangar.

“Officer, my name is Legorii Entar, I was sent by my superiors within the Dajorra Defense Force to prevent a rogue informant from leaving Port Ol’val. It was with my authorization that these doors were closed, but I now need to bypass them,” the Sith spoke evenly, infusing his words with the Dark Side’s own malice. The human guard relented, stepping aside to allow the former Arconan to pass. As he did so, the other guards reacted.

“Hey! What are you doing?” one shouted, stepping forward and raising his blaster rifle. Another guard yelled as well, “Stop! You can’t go in there!” As the scene devolved into chaos, Kr’an drew his lightsaber and hacked the guards to the ground, slaughtering four of them and forcing his way into the starfighter hangar.


“Archpriest Entar, we have him! He massacred our security detail on the starfighter hangar and forced his way in!” The voice crackled over the commlink as Legorii shouldered his way through the jostling crowds in the dock, making his way toward the starfighter hangar a hundred meters away.

“How many guards dead, Romaine?” Legorii demanded, his voice thick with anger.

“Four, sir,” came the short reply. The port official’s voice was timid, as though he was afraid of the reply that would come next. That fear was justly placed.

“Four?! I tell you to shut down the starfighter hangar because a high-powered target is heading there, and you put four guards on it?! Do you want your head on a pike, Romaine?” Anger gave way to rage as the Krath began to run toward the hangar doors, where a mob had formed
as people marveled at the dead guards and the rumored sighting of a lightsaber. Shoving people aside violently, the Qel-Droman managed to duck under the police cordon and enter the hangar.

Inside, a half-dozen security officers milled about, being almost entirely unhelpful to the Equite. As soon as the intimidating Anzat swept into the spacious room, they snapped to attention - they did not know his name, or who exactly he was, but they knew that he was to be respected. The guards did not know who they served, but they knew they were powerful, and it was not their business to interfere.

“Where is he?” Legorii barked at the nearest officer. Glancing about the fighter bay, the former Quaestor saw nothing amiss. He knew better than to assume that his eyes did not betray him; surely something was wrong.

“Sir, I’m sorry, but we do not know. No fighters have left the hangar, and to our knowledge there is no other ways out. The target has to be inside, but we have not yet located him,” the officer replied. As soon as the final syllable slipped from his lips, a blaster bolt hissed from a rifle somewhere above them, nearly tearing the officer’s head from his shoulders as it fried his brain.

Panicking, the others scrambled, and Legorii rolled his eyes. He ignited his emerald lightsaber, quickly scanning the scene before him as he sought his Sith opponent. The others present would have to die, of course - Clan Arcona could not afford to have their presence in Port Ol’val become common knowledge. Carefully, the Archpriest moved into position alongside the security guards, who crouched behind cargo bins along the wall.

In a flurry of movement, Legorii beheaded two and plunged his blade into the back of a third, destroying his internal organs and plunging out his chest. He wrenched Soulflayer out of the hapless guard’s corpse, whirling to deflect a pair of hesitant blaster bolts. The Anzat waved a hand, crushing one of the remaining men with the crate he hid behind, and dispatched the other with a precise slash across the throat.

As the final corpse flopped sickly to the ground, a voice carried throughout the hangar bay. “Impressive,” it murmured, traces of sarcasm audible. Grinning sardonically, the Entar straightened. Soulflayer hung loosely at his side as he continued to scan the hangar, unsuccessfully.

“Kr’an! Show yourself, you old fool. This charade has gone on too long. You kid yourself - House Taldrya cares nothing for you, all they want is your intel. The fact that they dared not even send you aid is telling enough. You are nothing to them!”

In response, a starfighter engine flared to life, its power reverberating throughout the hangar. Spinning, the Archpriest attempted to locate the source of the sound, taking a few steps to his left as he did so. Then, another engine roared, somewhere off to his right. Confused, the Qel-Droman stepped to his right. Another engine, then another, and another. Somehow, the Battlelord was turning on all of the starfighters in the bay. Briefly concerned, Legorii wondered if the Sith had allies after all. He dismissed the thought almost immediately - who would help Kr’an Bracka?

Closing his eyes, the Entar reached out through the Force, seeing the hangar in his mind. He combed through the rows of fighters, his mind racing, as he desperately looked for the elusive Battlelord. Finally, he located him, and set off at a sprint. When the Arconan came to a halt under the StealthX fighter that Kr’an had been attempting to climb into, he leapt. Legorii’s speed and strength carried him over the cockpit, but the Krath managed to slip an arm around his target’s chest, carrying him to the ground.

The two men landed hard, and the Anzat recovered first. Shaking the stars from his vision as he staggered to his feet, Legorii turned to face the azure-skinned Twi’lek. Groggily regaining his footing, Kr’an ignited his own lightsaber, and the two stood facing one another - formerly comrades, but now sworn enemies. Wasting no time, the Entar charged forward, beginning the melee with an overhand slash that the Sith barely parried.

Blows were exchanged as the two combatants circled one another, but it was clear from the start that Legorii was the superior duelist. In seconds, he had Kr’an on the ground, and kicked his lightsaber hilt away as he placed Soulflayer’s white-hot business end to the Twi’lek’s exposed throat.

“Kr’an, you have seen many traitors executed for their transgressions in the past. Now, it is your turn. You were a fool to believe that you could escape Clan Arcona and take your knowledge to Taldryan, and I am honored to be the man to snuff out your miserable existence,” Legorii whispered before cleanly slicing through the Battlelord’s neck, killing him instantly. Just as the Entar stood, adjusting his Shadesworn robes and retrieving the former Arconan’s lightsaber hilt, he remembered that he could leave no evidence. He piled up the bodies of the five men felled by his lightsaber and struck a match, burning the evidence of a Dark Jedi presence.

Putting up his hood, the Arconan swept out of the starfighter bay, past the clamoring crowd of people that had assembled, most of whom watched him pass and whispered, “Who is that? What did he do?” while he passed.

The first call he placed was to Giorgi Romaine. “Romaine, clean up my mess. The target has been extinguished, and your head will remain with your shoulders - for now. Get your men to disperse this crowd, too. And remember - no Dark Jedi. Let the propaganda machine do its job.”

The second communication was much more important, and Legorii waited to transmit it until he was safely away from the prying eyes and ears of Port Ol’val’s population. “Proconsul, Kr’an Bracka has been suitably punished for his crimes, and no evidence of Arconan interference remains. I am yours to command.”


19-06-2012 10:30:19

Contract Completed.

Grade: Satisfactory. 2 pts.

Comments: Yeah, not bad. A fun little fight sequence, you crossed the T's and dotted the I's, but it lacked your usual flare. Not your best work, but a damn site better than you used to put out. For a better grade, look to lengthening the story next time, and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Good Work

- Dash