{O:RT} [Contract 007 - Socorra]


05-06-2012 13:48:53


"Socorra." Marick's voice spoke out with a digital twinge to his slight accent. "Once you are safely aboard the BAC Shadow, I had a terminal set up in the Quaestor's office that you should find...amusing. I already cleared it with Invictus, but you are to scout through the data that Celevon recovered and find any and all weakness to the Chiss. I want a highly detailed report on their culture, past battles, history, everything we can find. Cross reference every instance in the databases with encounters with Chiss. You are one of the best intel-brokers I've ever seen, and I know it's not combative, but you can do this. I believe in you. Good luck, and may the Dark Side guide you. Be safe..."


11-07-2012 19:54:57

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