{O:RT} [Contract 006 - Garik]


04-06-2012 19:06:06

<... Class-C Mission >

"Garik Burren. I've heard good things about you from Celevon, and welcome you fully to the Shadow Clan. This mission should help solidify your reputation with us. There is a group of Chiss smugglers known as the Cerulean Crushers (though, they tend to go by the "CC") that have been showing activity along the edges of Dajorra Space. Your mission is to scope out their operation, learn what you can, see if they have any connection to the Chiss fleet that we uncovered. Our intel shows that they have a hideout on a remote asteroid, and are said to be well connected with various mercenary groups in the area. This is a scouting mission, first and foremost.

Good luck, and may the Dark Side guide your path. Marick Out."


07-06-2012 03:33:37

One day Extension requested


11-07-2012 19:54:05

Incomplete: Closed