{O:RT} [Contract 002 - Andrelious J. Inahj]


31-05-2012 12:20:56

<... Class-C Mission >

"Andrelious, as a valued member of Void Squadron, I need you to undertake a special mission suited to your abilities. As we prepare to take on the Chiss Fleet, we are leaving ourselves exposed to multiple "other" threats that lurk in the shadows. As the largest and most powerful Clan in the Brotherhood, we not without leaks, and our enemies are as plentiful as our foes.

I need you to take your Stealth-X and go on a routine patrol at the provided coordinates. We've had reports of activity in Dajorra Space that need to be investigated and dealt with. You can find the marker locations attached. Our resources are tied up as you no doubt understand, which is why I'm sending you on this mission alone. Needless to say, this is a C-Class mission and failure is not an option. Marick out."

< Coordinate Alpha: 546x,45y
One of the DIA's satalite stations, valuable in transmitting data throughout our intelligence network. Communications have gone dark.

Coordinate Beta: 46x,23.4y
After what happened before the last Great War, one our mining stations has not reported back in after their last scheduled check. Find out if it was a simple malfunction, or something is wrong, and deal with it.>>

[OCC Note: This contract would take place before setting out in the Run On, and can be completed at your pace, and can overlap into the RO if you choose to/incorporate it organically]


31-05-2012 15:11:14

Andrelious J. Inahj took no time in launching in the Stealth-X. He had originally disliked the craft heavily, but recent engagements as part of Void had led the Battlelord to develop a healthy respect for the ‘Rebel’ craft. He still preferred his own TIE Advanced, but felt the shadowy X-Wing would afford better protection in the situation at hand. He was not a fan of the weakened shielding, but was becoming one of the bigger proponents of the Jedi shadow bombs that Void often used. As one of the Voidites with a stronger connection to the force, he was easily able to steer the powerful warheads into enemy craft.

Inahj decided that hypering to the locations directly was a fool’s strategy – his craft was designed for stealth and that was how he would approach, entering the area around four hundred klicks from the target coordinates. His own sensors would not be able to detect anything around the target from this range, but the advanced suite of equipment designed to make the X-Wing invisible would still allow the Battlelord to get a jump on any enemies.

As he headed towards the satellite, he opted not to attempt to link up with the device, as many would have done. Inahj was no fool; he knew that such an action would allow a bead to be drawn on his location, giving any potential enemies a chance to take the initiative. He also chose not to attempt to sense anything with the Force. If other Brotherhood forces were involved, he would easily be found out.

Eventually, the ex-Imperial reached within twenty klicks of coordinate Alpha. The Sith peered out of his cockpit in an attempt to visually identify the satellite, which, according to a technical readout he had obtained, possessed a small light. The light was supposed to be visible at around thirty klicks, but Inahj could not see it. Instead, he noticed what he immediately identified as an old CR-90 Corvette, an old model but not yet uncommon. The Corvette’s hull was painted in an unusual black and red striped pattern, with some sort of organisation’s logo on the sides of the ‘hammer head’ at the front of the vessel.

Frak. I don’t recognise those markings, but I don’t like the smell of this Inahj thought quickly, as he pushed a button on his ship’s control panel. A schematic of the Corvette appeared on his targeting computer, confirming that it was a CR-90, but it was unable to identify the IFF transponder, leaving the Sith in the dark as to who this mysterious enemy was. He would have to fly in close, risking discovery. His starfighter couldn’t usually be detected or even visually noticed, but this Corvette had seemingly intercepted DIA communications. It was possible that they were aware of Void’s existence.

If this unknown ship was indeed eavesdropping on some of Arcona’s most precious secrets, Inahj couldn’t just destroy it. He would have to personally investigate.

Waiting until the distance between his ship and the Corvette dropped to just one klick, the Voidite selected the glop bombs he had stowed in one of the X-Wing’s twin warhead launchers, Andrelious wasted no time in fingering the trigger. The warhead fired, making contact with the Corvette’s engine system. Two vents on the weapon began to expel a large amount of foam, covering the unknown ship’s rear section.

Its engines disabled by the attack, the Corvette began to fire its laser turrets wildly into space, trying desperately to hit Inahj, who had quickly withdrawn to a safe distance.

Orbiting around the stricken Corvette until he was approaching it dead-on from the rear, Inahj concentrated his shields onto the front deflector screen. The enemy ship continued to fire randomly, but the Sith was safe. He knew how to ‘blind side’ a CR-90, although it had been many years since he had even seen one.

Andrelious acted quickly. He grabbed his lightsaber as he guided his ship to dock with the Corvette near one of its turrets. Docking with an audible clunk, the Battlelord sliced the crimson blade of his weapon towards the rotating turret, removing the cannons.
Now that he was out of immediate danger, Inahj pressed on, slicing into the hull of the CR-90 with his lightsaber…


04-06-2012 10:25:02

The hull of the CR-90 was proving a tough nut to crack. A lightsaber could cut through many things with ease, but it was becoming evident that the Corvette’s hull was extremely resistant to the crimson blade of Andrelious’ weapon. It had taken him two minutes to cut through even an small portion of the reinforced durasteel.

Sparks flew into the darkness of space as the lightsaber continued to struggle with its task, though it was finally making a little more progress. Inahj pressed on, keeping an eye on the foam that was preventing the ship from moving. He was also a little concerned about his own breathing equipment – it was rare for him to use the helmet and life support parts of his flight suit, but he had opted to use them for this mission as he suspected they’d be useful. This equipment was able to provide around an hour of air, time which was being wasted cutting the Corvette open.

After another seven minutes, Inahj had finally cut a hole big enough to enter the ship. It was not particularly large, but Andrelious was a small man. He clambered into the hole, dropping onto what he recognised as a passage leading to the engine room. The corridor immediately in front of him appeared deserted, though he suspected things would change.

Wasting no time, the Qel-Droman sliced through the door to the engine room. Once inside, he examined the engine systems briefly. They still appeared to be functional, although readouts reported an unknown issue – the foam.

Looking carefully at the various parts that made up the Corvette’s propulsion system, Andrelious pulled out his E-11 Blaster Rifle, and fired a single shot deep into the inner workings. The blaster bolt impacted with something, and a small explosion was heard, followed by a loud alarm. Inahj had eliminated a key component!

The alarm continued to sound, whilst a security panel nearby indicated that there was a disturbance in the engine room. Inahj crouched to the left of the entrance, holding his blaster. He waited patiently as he heard the hiss of a door opening.

“The intruder is in the engine room!” a voice yelled out. From its accent, Inahj inferred that there was at least one human on board. Exactly where from, though, he could not place. The sound of boots clanging on the metallic floor grew louder, but still Andrelious didn’t react. He could sense that there were four beings, all on high alert. Even as a Battlelord he would have his work cut out.

Diving out from his hiding place, Inahj fired his blaster several times…


06-06-2012 13:50:19

Andrelious landed on the floor a few inches away from the doorway. He had no idea if his attack had worked, so he peered out. He saw the floor strewn with bodies. Two, a Rodian and a Twi’lek, both appeared to have been killed, whilst a human writhed around in agony on the floor, clutching his upper thigh. The fourth being, Inahj sensed, had fled.

After a quick examination of the dead Rodian, the Battlelord searched through its possessions. He found that it was carrying an inferior model of blaster to his own, and also found no identity of any kind. The Twi’lek was a similar story, also carrying nothing of note.

Turning his attention to the wounded human, Inahj crouched down next to him as if he were about to administer first aid. Instead, he placed the hilt of his lightsaber on the man’s temple and cooly thumbed the activation switch. The blade of the saber came alive with a snap-hiss, brutally ending the man’s life.

On examining his most recent kill’s possessions, Andrelious found a clip for an E-11. He also found some papers that gave the man’s name – Bursk Loyt. He made a note of the name, especially as the man seemed to have been the leader of the quartet. It was of no consequence to him, but he knew that the DIA were always very interested in any names or other information that could be garnered from missions.

With the immediate threat taken care of, Inahj quickly assessed the situation. A CR-90 Corvette was a medium –sized starship, easily enough to carry dozens of troopers. If it was even close to fully staffed, the Battlelord would find it very tough going indeed to take on the ship’s entire crew, who were by now fully aware he was present and probably re-grouping.

Studying the corridor, Andrelious smiled. He had found what he was looking for. The Corvette had obviously served with the Imperial Navy at some point. A command panel on one of the walls confirmed this. Imperial protocol was to abandon and self-destruct a ship when capture was imminent. Whilst the crew of this Corvette were clearly NOT Imperials, the panel was from that part of the ship’s history. It was also still fully operational. The Sith walked over to it, and examined the screen:

Imperial Corvette CPT-49024
Command Panel
Please login:

The Qel-Droman smirked. The DIA had acquired a long list of various command codes for ships of all factions. He tried the first couple of codes, but these didn’t work. A third was also rejected, the console’s beep sounding almost angry at the constant attempts to login. Finally, he tried one more code. The console beeped, and then the screen before him changed. The code had worked!

Imperial Corvette CPT-49024
Command Panel
Welcome Admiral Terkan
a) Shutdown shielding
b) Deactivate weapons
c) Sound evacuation alarm
d) Activate self-destruct

Inahj noted the name it had come up with. Terkan was an old commander of the ship that had come to serve as Arcona’s flagship. Evidently this Corvette had been part of the same fleet at some point. He made a mental note to mention this fact to Timeros, before pushing option d.

Self-destruct sequence:
a) Silent, 30 seconds
b) Silent, 10 minutes
c) Warned, 2 minutes
d) Warned, 10 minutes
e) False, 2 minutes
f) False, 10 minutes

The ‘false’ sequence was of great interest to Inahj. Some Imperial ships, particularly those with later computer systems, possessed the false sequence. The theory behind its use was to allow an effective evacuation ‘drill’. It was rarely used in practice, as crew members had become lost due to faulty escape pod docks. Now, though, it would be perfect. Hitting the button that corresponded to option e, Andrelious quickly logged out of the panel.

Alarms started to ring throughout the ship, whilst an electronic voice warned of the impending destruction of the ship. The ex-Imperial could even hear the panicking of some of the crew on a deck below, thanks to the relatively thin floor. His attention, though, was turned to the doorway that allowed entry to the part of the ship that he was occupying. A single escape pod was located here, and he knew that it was likely to be needed.

Moving hastily to stand by the door, Inahj held the hilt of his lightsaber so that it pointed towards the door, but did not activate the weapon. Instead, he held his thumb on the switch, waiting.

Some moments later, the door opened with a hiss. As it did, the Sith finally turned his weapon on. Several beings, mostly human, ran straight into the crimson blade, bisected by their own movement.

Counting another five dead bodies, Inahj then headed over to the escape pod. Using the Force, he pushed its launch lever. A status panel indicated that it had been launched.

By now the countdown had reached twenty seconds. Andrel sensed that the ship was now nearly devoid of life.

Heading through the doorway that led to the rest of the ship, Andrelious briskly walked towards the turbolift. He was about to head for the bridge…


08-06-2012 07:30:50

The turbolift’s doors opened with a quiet hiss. Andrelious quickly entered, pushing the button for the command deck. The turbolift began its descent to that level, which was three decks below the one that the Battlelord had entered the ship on. In the few seconds it took the turbolift to reach its destination, Inahj began to transfer the mental notes he had taken onto his datapad.

The doors of the lift opened onto what the Sith had hoped would be an empty deck. Instead, he came face to face with a pair of angry looking Rodians, both sporting blaster rifles. It appeared that some of the crew had been left behind. On seeing Inahj, though, one of the two threw its weapon away and raised its hands. The other, seemingly disgusted at its colleague, spat something angrily in its native tongue, before firing at the Arconan.

The rather pathetic attack, which wasn’t even particularly well aimed, was easily avoided by Andrelious, and he wasted no time in relieving the aggressive alien of its arms with his lightsaber.

“Your little green friend had the right idea, alien,” he hissed. “He..or she…I can’t tell with your species, will be given a chance to live. You, on the other hand…” the Sith continued, trailing off as he casually removed the Rodian’s head. The other Rodian looked relieved, but terrified.

Inahj turned to it, still unsure as to if he had made the right decision. “Are you the last left onboard?” he questioned. The Rodian nodded. The Sith smirked. “Good. Then do as I say and I will see to it that you live. Get me onto the bridge,”

Obeying, the Rodian entered an access code. The door to the bridge opened. The bridge occupied part of the ‘hammer head’ section at the front of the ship. It was clear from a quick glance that this Corvette’s bridge had been modified to allow a crew of as little as two operate it. The men that Inahj had killed had probably been security operatives. The Rodian he had captured, despite its race, appeared to be part of the command crew.

Examining the console, Inahj tapped the code he had used earlier into one of the many control pads. Again it worked. The readouts it provided indicated the engines had been sabotaged and the ship had been boarded. It also gave Inahj the option to freely communicate with other vessels and planets.

After making a note of the frequency, Andrelious tuned the Corvette’s commsystem onto a secure Arconan channel.
“This is Andrelious Inahj. I have found and neutralised an unknown enemy Corvette. Coordinates are 546x, 45y. The crew have largely evacuated, but I have one prisoner. I think the DIA would be most interested in dealing with them.”

Having made his broadcast, the Sith retuned the comm again, this time onto a random channel; he wasn’t about to give away the secure frequency. Next, he checked the ship’s log. It indicated that the satellite he had come to deal with had been destroyed. This would mean the DIA would have to replace it.

It would be some time before any Arconan units were able to meet with the Corvette, so Inahj decided to press on. He had no way of securing the Rodian he had captured, so he escorted it at lightsaber point. The alien fearfully complied, as it was led back up to the area that Andrelious had first entered.

Continuing into the engine room, the Sith began to root through maintenance cupboards. He looked through boxes of tools, but eventually found some industrial strength engineering adhesive tape.
Using this tape, he secured the Rodian to one of the walls. It lacked finesse, but it would hold for long enough for the DIA to arrive and take the alien into its custody.

“I suggest you wait where you are, alien.” Inahj hissed, as he headed back out onto the deck.
Leaping back through the hole he had previously cut, Andrelious clambered back into his fighter. He undocked, leaving the now stranded Corvette behind.

A number of the escape pods were still in the area. In fact, one was heading back towards the ship, indicating that the Sith’s ruse had been discovered. Inahj simply targeted it, destroying it with his laser cannons. He tidied the area up, destroying another four pods, before turning away.

He was heading on to coordinate Beta…


12-06-2012 07:00:49

After a quick hyperjump, Andrelious approached the coordinates marked out by Marick. This time, things looked normal at a glance. The mining station occupied a large asteroid that was surrounded by other, smaller asteroids. The main asteroid acted as a control centre and was manned, whilst the smaller asteroids were being held in place via a powerful artificial gravity system. They were then mined remotely by small automated ships, which carried the materials back to base.

As he passed the first of the smaller asteroids, Inahj noticed that there was little going on. His sensors, which should have been detecting the mining ships, were clear. His ship appeared to be the only one in the area, but readings indicated some lifeforms were still present on the main asteroid.

With no others around, the Battlelord opened comms with the mining station. He tried hailing it twice, before switching to another, more secure frequency and trying again. None of these attempts resulted in any response.

Frak. I’ll have to land and see what’s going on. he thought, annoyed. He had been hoping that the station had merely missed an update, as was fairly common.

Manoeuvring his ship carefully, the Sith approached the facility’s landing pad. Immediately he noticed that three XG-1 Assault Gunboats had landed. The facility did not possess its own defences; its existence, as with all Arconan facilities, was not even acknowledged. A T-4a Lambda Shuttle took up most of the remaining room.

Inahj landed on what little free space remained. He leaped out of his ship, activating his lightsaber before he had even reached the ground. He frowned as he studied the shuttle and gunboats – they all sported the same logo that had been on the Corvette.
Andrelious analysed that the mining station had probably been hit first. It was likely that the Corvette, Gunboats and Shuttle formed a small faction of some description, most likely space pirates. They had evidently destroyed the automated ships that mined the smaller asteroids. Then, the Corvette had discovered the satellite, and headed there on its own. The reasons for much of this were unclear to the Qel-Droman, who snuck past the gathered ships.

The landing pad was linked to the rest of the facility by a long transparisteel tunnel. The tunnel terminated at the far end at a blast door, but Inahj could see that this door had been forced open.

Making his way quietly along the tunnel, the Battlelord could sense a large amount of life ahead of him, far more than the few he should have detected. As he approached, he saw three men nearing the door.

Hiding himself with the Force, Inahj waited as the men walked by, talking.

“We’ve not heard from Risak lately,” one said.

One of his colleagues frowned in his direction. “The Marsik Maruder sent a distress call, remember?”

The third man, older than the other two, peered around, as if he had seen something. “Be quiet, you two. The Arconans will not be far away now – we need to get this job finished fast! If they got to the Double-M, there will be nothing left for us there,” he warned.

The warning from the older man seemed to startle the younger two. Andrelious sensed that the first one to speak seemed particularly worried – he suspected that ‘Risak’ was a relative. From having listened to the conversation, the Battlelord had realised that some form of response was now expected. The men had been sent to stand guard, and began to fan out into a wide formation.

Stealth is my friend. As is their stupidity. the Sith reasoned, moving silently towards the nearest man. He was about six feet tall and wore the same garb that he had seen throughout the Corvette. He was carrying yet another E-11 rifle, as were his two friends. All three men were facing the same way – with their backs toward Inahj.
As he reached his prey, Andrelious contemplated how best to proceed. Firing his blaster would work, but would definitely give his presence away. These people, whoever they were, had proven skilled enough to eliminate the trio of Arconan Army soldiers that were posted at the facility. Whilst that was not a large force, the Army were well trained – three soldiers would have easily been enough to scare of even a full shuttle load of disorganised pirates.

Also choosing to ignore the grenades he carried, Inahj instead placed the hilt of his lightsaber within an inch of the man’s neck, and activated it once again, cutting his foe’s windpipe with the scarlet blade.
Unable to scream or warn his friends, the man fell forward, dying from a lack of air. Unfortunately for Andrelious, the noise was enough to distract the other guards, who turned to see the Battlelord facing them angrily.

The shots from the two men were far more accurate than what Inahj had faced on the Corvette. His enemies also chose to stand their ground rather than risk charging, but it was of little use. The Sith simply walked towards the older man, parrying blaster bolts harmlessly away.

As he reached his prey, Andrelious decapitated the man with little ceremony. The remaining guard tossed his blaster away and raised his arms in surrender, but the Battlelord executed him by plunging his lightsaber deep into the scoundrel’s chest.
“I don’t show your kind of scum mercy…unless they’re of use to me.” Inahj spat, remembering the Rodian he had spared earlier.

The commotion outside had drawn some observers, who watched fearfully from inside the mine as the Sith had slain their colleagues with little effort. They had only one advantage – position. Andrelious was still in the relatively exposed entry tunnel, whilst his enemy could hide within the mine itself.

Marching towards the facility with determination, Inahj noticed that the blast door had not been forced open as he had assumed earlier. In fact, there was no trace of any damage to the door at all. He entered the mine with great care, knowing that an ambush was likely.

When the attack came, it came from four different directions at once. The Sith had his hands full, especially when a female Twi’lek fired at him with a DXR-4 rifle.

Knowing that his lightsaber was useless against such a weapon, Inahj killed the nearest enemy and then ducked behind a supply crate. He armed himself with his faithful E-11, and peered over the top of the crate.

There were another three enemies – two more human males, and the Twi’lek sniper, who was firing from a walkway above. The Sith noted that the humans were again firing with an accuracy beyond that of a group of thugs, whilst the Twi’lek, whilst not as good a sniper as those in Arconan service, was still a great danger.

From his hiding place behind the crate, Andrelious would occasionally surface, trying to eliminate his enemies. The Twi’lek was trying to get into a better position – she would have to be his last target, whilst the two humans were also hiding behind crates, momentarily emerging to try and blast the Battlelord.

Despite his background as a pilot, Inahj had become a crack shot, especially with his E-11 thanks to years of practice. His superior shooting ability eventually paid off, allowing him to kill one of the two remaining humans. The second continued to elude him, and appeared to be trying to escape the area. The Sith let him go, focusing on moving himself around the room to avoid the fire from the sniper.

As he travelled between crates and other refuges, the ex-Imperial noticed three crates had been stacked.
With a force-assisted leap, he reached the walkway, using the stacked crates as a ‘stepping stone’. He quickly closed on the Twi’lek, firing his blaster towards her angrily. She fired back, wounding the Sith with her sniper rifle, whilst gracefully avoiding the shots from the Battlelord.

“Very well…avoid this, bitch!” Inahj growled, charging towards the female with his lightsaber active. Though she was more nimble than the lumbering Arconan, she was no match for a furious Equite, who enhanced his own speed with the Force. He reached the Twi’lek and bisected her with ease, ending the threat she had posed to him.

The damage the Twi’lek had inflicted on the Sith, whilst relatively minor, was enough for him to need to take some time to rectify with the Force. This would leave him a little drained for the final assault, which he suspected was on its way.

Once he was healed, Andrelious headed around the walkway to the door that gave access to the upper level. He considered entering quietly, but decided against it. It was certain that his presence was now common knowledge, and attempting to sneak around was no longer a viable strategy. Besides that, he had already eliminated five of the enemy force.

The door slid open, revealing an empty corridor. Inahj frowned. He had been expecting some sort of welcoming party. The next corridor was empty, too, aside from an MSE droid that wheeled past innocently. The next door led to the command centre. The Sith could detect a large number of life forms in there, so he had to be careful. He would have liked to have thrown a grenade in, but it was likely that the facility’s staff had been taken hostage. Wuntila would not take too kindly to any friendly fire, especially after the War of the Three Families.

Gritting his teeth, Andrelious opened the door, ready for anything.


14-06-2012 06:17:39

As the door opened, Inahj came under heavy fire. The enemy force was seven strong, including the man who had fled earlier. The enemy had been careful to spread out effectively, making the job of defence harder for the Sith, who indeed found it hard work to block the wide arc of fire he was now facing. His prowess with the Force allowed him to anticipate many of the shots, but the concentrated fire was pinning him down.

Andrelious had suspected that the mine’s staff were alive, and he had already noticed that they were tied up near the centre of the room, making any attack with a ranged weapon dangerous and definitely ruling out the use of his grenades. The Qel-Droman resorted instead to using a small alcove next to the door as a refuge point, emerging occasionally to take stock.

Again arming himself with his E-11, the Battlelord set his weapon to stun and began taking pot shots, the blue circles making contact with two of the enemy. With the odds increased in a little in his favour, Andrelious took hold of his lightsaber and rushed into the room, ducking behind a control panel. It was then he realised how the mine’s defences had been defeated.

One of the men he had stunned was using familiar equipment. He was one of Arcona’s soldiers! He was obviously in league with the enemy. The other two soldiers, to Inahj’s dismay, were also shooting at him. He would have to keep them alive, he realised.
Alarms sounded as the fire fight continued. Andrelious would pop up from his refuge area and fire his blaster, still set to stun, at his enemies, who had also resorted to crouching behind control panels or hiding in alcoves. In time he had reduced their number to three, but had been hit several times himself.

Though wounded, Inahj pressed on, healing himself with the Force. He leapt over the control panel, choosing to charge at the nearest enemy, one of the traitors. He slashed, not to kill, but to disarm. The soldier’s weapon fell to the ground, still attached to his now disembodied arm.

On seeing his colleague be easily defeated, the remaining traitor turned and ran, but not before hurling a grenade at the Sith. As the weapon landed, Andrelious was forced to kick it away, aiming for the door. His kick was well aimed, but the grenade had evidently been a decoy – it did not explode as the Arconan had hoped.

With all but one enemy left unable to fight, Inahj used the Force to lockdown the room, preventing his last target’s escape.
The remaining enemy was evidently the leader of the group that had taken control. He was an older human, and sported armour that was the same striped pattern that adorned the Corvette Andrel had met earlier. He had made a move for the door, but found his way blocked by the efforts of Andrelious.

“Stay where you are.” Inahj ordered, pointing his lightsaber threateningly. The man was not stupid; he knew that he had no chance against an enraged Sith that had already eliminated most of his men. Instead, he threw his blaster, a newer E-15 rifle, to the ground and raised his arms in surrender.

Andrelious untied the facility’s staff. The facility’s administrator, a middle-aged human woman, seemed particularly grateful, but reserved a look of venom for her former captor, who found himself being tied up, along with the two traitors that had remained. The outsiders that Inahj had stunned were not shown the same mercy, the Sith coldly executing each one with his lightsaber.

“I have a friend who will be most interested in your story.” Andrelious observed with a smirk.


14-06-2012 06:46:06

Some time later, the prisoners Inahj had captured during his mission had been interrogated by the DIA.
The report indicated that the faction involved in the operation were operating as a small band of petty thugs and space pirates. The leader was known as Brank Clolik, but the group didn’t appear to have a name, though Clolik referred to it as ‘Clolik’s Crew’. Brank Clolik had once been a member of the Imperial Navy, but he and his ship, assumed to be the Corvette Inahj had boarded, had become separated from the rest of his task force.

Brank had used this opportunity to desert, but the crew of the ship hadn’t been united behind him. The power struggle that resulted killed most of the ship’s crew. With a skeleton crew left, Clolik stopped at a space station and used what money he had saved to recruit a new crew, mostly from minor criminals. He had eventually re-painted the ship, and had managed to acquire the Shuttle and Gunboats through his old Imperial connections. The small but effective group of ships began to pester small traders, but had been forced to flee when the Galactic Alliance discovered their existence.

Now in exile from the galaxy at large, Clolik’s ships stumbled across the Arconan mining facility. Rather than attack at once, Brank sent some of his men to the Dajorra system, where they were able to join the army. With the army infiltrated, Clolik waited for his men to be posted to the mine, which came days later- remote facilities were usually guarded by newer members of the Arconan army.

With the facility’s guard under his command, Clolik attacked, and, after gaining control of the mine, had found out about the DIA’s satellites. Realising that he could potentially sell the information for millions, he sent his Corvette, which he had renamed the Marsik Marauder in remembrance of his dead brother, to capture one of the satellites.

The flaw in Clolik’s plan had been to greatly underestimate Arcona. The information he had been given implied that the Arconans were nothing more than a small military force that governed a single system. It did not give any indication that Arcona were the ascendant clan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

After obtaining the information they sought, the DIA had turned the prisoners over to Andrelious, allowing him to decide their fate as a ‘reward’ for his mission.

Inahj, being of an Imperial background himself, allowed Clolik to live, on the condition that he not leave Selen. The traitors were thrown into Clolik’s shuttle, which was set on a decaying orbit around the Dajorran sun. The Corvette and the Gunboats were scrapped, though the DIA retained their computers.

The only loose end that remained was the traitor who had fled from Inahj. He had stolen one of the Gunboats and made his escape. The DIA were quick to issue a bounty on him, but had not yet heard anything.

For Andrelious J. Inahj, though, there was no time to relax. The Consul had summoned the clan…


13-07-2012 17:14:51

Mission Grade: Excellent - 3pts

Comments: A very well written piece. I found little wrong with it, but nothing really wow'd me the way a contract I've graded as "Superior" has. I think the only thing you're missing is a little bit more description into the time and space in which you operate. Let me hear, smell, taste how Andrel is feeling, and how his surroundings interact with him. I never felt bored reading the story, though I never felt on edge or drawn this way or that. Take control of your reader, and drag them along for the ride. Otherwise, I don't have much else to say, a few grammatical errors here and there, but nothing overly wrong, it just lacked that "umph" that makes me stamp a "Superior" on. Keep up the good work though, excited to read your next one.