Contract 049 - Scelestus


28-02-2012 23:32:54

"You're all here, good."

Zakath hissed softly as he watched the members of the Shadow Gate battleteam assemble into a loose line, their gaits casual but purposeful. The Sith Warrior was still getting used to being in charge of an unit, let alone that of a group of elite covert agents. Glancing down at the datapad, he noted that the information sent by Socorra was now displaying.

"This one will keep things brief," The Barabel began, shifting into an erect posture as his glossy black eyes began to glow a dim violet. "Under Socorra's direction, Shadow Gate has managed to acquire safehouses throughout Port Ol'val. This is good, but now the time has come to firmly establish a presence here."

"Port Ol'val is full of businesses that has connections to the underworld gangs and cartels that florish throughout this entire sector," Zakath smiled then, revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth that glistened in the dim lighting. "Our task is to infiltrate them, and eventually seize control of the entire underworld in this sector. This is the first step in that plan."

At that point, the Barabel set down his datapad and began to pass out datacards to the battleteam members. "In these datacards, you will find complete details on the various businesses and layout of Port Ol'val. Your task is to locate a business that serves as a front for one of the criminal groups based on the Port, and."convince" them to transfer control of that business to us. You are free to use any methods you deem necessary, but there cannot be any sign of involvement by Dark Jedi. If you choose to use the Force, or use a lightsaber, or whatever betrays your identity as a Force-user, any and all witnesses must be eliminated."

"Any questions?"

Port Ol'val Details

Task: Locate a business that acts as a front for a criminal organization using Port Ol'val, and convince them by any means necessary, to transfer control of it to Shadow Gate. If any Force powers or lightsaber use is detected, all witnesses must be eliminated.


24-03-2012 19:58:53

As soon as the briefing was finished, the new knight of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood had an idea of where to start. When he was looking for a safehouse he had found a contact in the underworld of the Port. This contact worked for one of the minor crimelords who had most of his interests in the spice trade. This group based their business in a local chain of restaurants, using their deliveries and take-out services to cover the transport of the drugs and money. And as it so, happened, Tyros was feeling hungry.
He gathers his gear and sets out from HQ to observe his target. He chooses a circuitous route as the franchise he has in mind is only a few minutes walk from their main safehouse on the port, and he is not about to lead a trail right back home should he be observed. Half an hour later he is sitting on a bench opposite the building. pulling out his datapad he makes a show of reading the latest newsfeeds, while he is actually observing the patrons going in and out of the store.
The first customer is a middle-aged woman with her child, and he passes them over, along with the next three people that go through the doors. The fifth person he sees, however, is much more promising. A male human in his 30s, he has the look...the furtive glances, the shuffling walk, the clothes that were new three years ago, but have obviously been well worn since then...this was a user, and with the right persuasion would give him the information he needed to evict the current occupants. He gives his mark a headstart of about 500 meters, before he nonchalantly stows his datapad and starts to leisurely follow him, making sure not to be noticed, or look suspicious. After all of the training that he had been put through to secure his place as a gatewarden, this was a essence of simplicity. He smiled to himself as he recalled the instructors drilling them for hours on just this type of task. They had been much harder to tail than this down-and-out only worried about his next fix. The game of cat and mouse goes on for another 15 minutes, before the mark moved into an alley. Drawing one of his blasters, Tyros follows him into the alley. The couple of minutes that ellapsed had given the junkie enough time to have a dose prepared and ready, allowing Tyros to snap a quick picture of the evidence, before turning on the user.
"Hands up, friend, nice and easy." The agent brandishes his weapon and gestures with his free hand toward the wall of the alley. The other man is taken entirely by surprise and his sense of self-preservation has him comply right away. "Thanks, friend. Now I'm not interested in you, I want the people that sold you the drugs, so give me the information I need and you can walk away with no problems, alright?" The man nods his acceptance of the terms. "Good, glad we can work together. Now, how long have you been buying drugs from that place, and how many other locations are there?" The other human relates that the place that he frequented had been in business for 2 years and that he knew of three other locations around the city that were a part of the same operation. "Great, one last piece of information, if I wanted them to deliver the spice, how do I go about making that happen?" After getting his answer, Tyros lets the man walk past him, and once his back is turned the gate warden pistol whips him across the head to knock him out. "Sorry friend, but I need to be sure you aren't going to spread a warning for a couple of hours."
Slipping out of the alley and confident that he hasn't been made during all of that exchange, the agent heads back to the safe house for some backup before he puts the next part of his plan into action. Securing the aid of another gatewarden, he leads the way to an address that he knows will be empty from some of his past work in the port. Once he and his partner were set up and prepared, he followed the procedure that he had learned earlier to place an order for a drug delivery. The next thirty minutes seem to drag by as they wait for the courier to arrive, but finally there is a knock at the door. Looking through the peep hole in the door, reveals a female Twi'lek on the other side wearing the uniform of the food chain. The two covert operatives fling the door open, grab the courier and throw her off balance to the floor before she has a chance to react. She is instantly covered with a pair of blasters, although she doesn't appear to want to put up much of a fight. "Hey, darlin', need your help with something, if ya don't mind. But, the good thing for you is that this is a win-win type of situation. I have something to offer you in return for your assistance." The alien seems interested by the unexpected offer. "I'm looking to take over the business, and if you help me there is a good amount of money in it for you, and as an added bonus you don't get turned over to the authorities for drug charges." The Twi'lek turns to look at him, "If I wanted to help you, what would you need from me?" Tyros smiled at her, "Glad you asked, and your help is going to be real easy. I just need information. Tell me when the other stores change shifts, and one person from each of the other three stores that would be willing to make some money and help me with the transfer of ownership. In return we'll keep you around for a month while you train my crew on how to run the store and the drug operation. At the end of that month you are free to do as you please and you get fifteen thousand credits for your time. How does that sound to you?" She accepts the terms pretty quickly and hands over the information required. Rhal makes copious notes, and then lets the alien go back about her business, giving her the credits for the drugs to avoid any suspicions about her when she returns to work.
With the leg work done, all that remained to enact his coup was to plan the hostile take overs. He was going to plan the attacks to hit during the midnight shift change, and based the intel to the assault teams that would be doing the heavy hitting. He also arranged for a shady freighter captain to haul four containers into deep space and dump them, no questions asked. For the price of ten thousand credits the got the four containers delivered to the stores on the day of the raid, and the crew to load them and get rid of them as requested. With all of that out of the way, he returns to HQ to oversee the briefing of the fire teams. "All right, Shadow Gate, here's what we are going to do, tonight. We are going to separate into four fire teams and hit each of these four locations tonight at midnight. They will be changing shifts so we should be able to capitalize on the confusion. We go in hard and fast and kill all the staff members in the place. It will be closed so we don't have to worry about civilian casualties, and our four moles have been instructed to call in sick today so they won't be there either. Once the take over is complete, load the bodies into the containers that have been placed by each, and give me a call to arrange pickup." The other agents nodded their understanding, so code names were assigned and the briefing broke up to allow each member to get their gear in order and get themselves ready for the operation.
The evening went off without a hitch and the next morning, the new crews reported to their assigned stores. The mole from each location stayed on for a month to teach the new people (a mixture of trusted members of Shadow Gate ancillary staff to handle the drugs and civilians to run the legitimate side of the business) the ropes. Basically the process was that the civilian staff handled all of the legitimate food orders and handed off customers with a 'special order' to one of the Shadow Gate support. The moles also made the introductions to the regular drug customers to ensure that there was no suspicion with the new faces. At the end of the month, the four were sent on their way with their bonuses and the admonition to keep their mouths shut. All in all it was a great op in the mind of Tyros, it cost him 80,000 credits altogether to clear out a drug crew, expand Shadow Gate influence, and add to the financial resources of the battleteam.