Contract 048 - Andraste Vivendi


22-02-2012 22:43:55

"You're all here, good."

Zakath hissed softly as he watched the members of the Shadow Gate battleteam assemble into a loose line, their gaits casual but purposeful. The Sith Warrior was still getting used to being in charge of an unit, let alone that of a group of elite covert agents. Glancing down at the datapad, he noted that the information sent by Socorra was now displaying.

"This one will keep things brief," The Barabel began, shifting into an erect posture as his glossy black eyes began to glow a dim violet. "Under Socorra's direction, Shadow Gate has managed to acquire safehouses throughout Port Ol'val. This is good, but now the time has come to firmly establish a presence here."

"Port Ol'val is full of businesses that has connections to the underworld gangs and cartels that florish throughout this entire sector," Zakath smiled then, revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth that glistened in the dim lighting. "Our task is to infiltrate them, and eventually seize control of the entire underworld in this sector. This is the first step in that plan."

At that point, the Barabel set down his datapad and began to pass out datacards to the battleteam members. "In these datacards, you will find complete details on the various businesses and layout of Port Ol'val. Your task is to locate a business that serves as a front for one of the criminal groups based on the Port, and."convince" them to transfer control of that business to us. You are free to use any methods you deem necessary, but there cannot be any sign of involvement by Dark Jedi. If you choose to use the Force, or use a lightsaber, or whatever betrays your identity as a Force-user, any and all witnesses must be eliminated."

"Any questions?"

Port Ol'val Details

Task: Locate a business that acts as a front for a criminal organization using Port Ol'val, and convince them by any means necessary, to transfer control of it to Shadow Gate. If any Force powers or lightsaber use is detected, all witnesses must be eliminated.