Contract 047 - Ronovi Tavisaen


16-02-2012 00:10:44

Zakath stared out at the stars, his half-lidded eyes glowing softly. Having just taken command of the Shadow Gate battle team, the scarred Barabel was still adjusting to the change, having only returned to the Clan a scant two months ago. It didn't help that right after his return, the Barabel got his arm blown off by a teenaged Adept. He hissed softly as he glanced down at his newly installed cybernetic arm. Kriffing thing still aches.

A slight gasp sounded behind him, and the Barabel turned to see Ronovi Tavisen walking into the office, a slight sheen of sweat already forming on her forehead. "You like it hot, huh?"

"Yes," Zakath nodded slightly, his lips lifting into its usual serphent's smile. "It's more comfortable for Barabels."

"Ah," Ronovi nodded slightly, her hands clasping itself behind the small of her back. "You got my request then?"

"This one did," The Barabel returned the nod, his cybernetic hand retrieving a datapad. "And it is fortunate timing, as this one is interested in observing your skills for himself."

"Oh?" Ronovi raised a thin eyebrow.

"This one has heard of your reputation from Marick, but wants to see it first hand," Zakath's voice dropped to a sibilant hiss. "Now then, your target will be a hew-mon, a former commandant of an Imperial forced labor camp. You can kill him in any matter you see fit, all that is required is that you bring this one his head, or failing that, a holopicture of the corpse."

"That doesn't seem very hard, just icky," Ronovi frowned, her sole biological eye staring intently at the Barabel. "What makes this one so special?"

"He was severely wounded in a failed assassination attempt and is now a cyborg," Zakath's eyes began to glow a bright purplish color. "He has since improved upon the cybernetics and this one is told that he is impressive in close quarters combat,. and has some talent with the Force, almost equal to your own level. The level is unconfirmed though."

"Ah." The woman nodded slightly. "And the bit about the head?"

"You are carrying out this contract for this one personally." Zakath's eyes were now blazing a fiery violet. "This one was in a forced labor camp during the Empire's rule. Most of the scars this one carries were inflicted there, and the target was one of the commadants that commanded it and inflicted some of the wounds on this one."

"Okay," Ronovi hesitated slightly. "But why wouldn't you want to handle this yourself?"

"This one is saving his vengeance for another more important one." The Sith growled softly as he handed her the datapad he was holding before turning to face the viewport again. "Now deal with him and bring this one his head."


Target: Aamin Tain
Race: Human
Height: 6'4
Weight: 290 lbs
Profession: Former forced labor camp commandant, currently captain of a slaving vessel transporting slaves to final destinations.
Power ranking: EQ2


Details on Aamin Tain has been sketchy since record-keeping has been sloppy during the collapse of the Empire post-Endor. What is known is that he commanded a variety of forced labor camps between 9 to 12 ABY, before the final camps were liberated by New Republic forces, and the Empire's retreat made it unrealistic to maintain labor camps except in the areas of the Deep Core. His trail becomes difficult to follow from there, but it appears he served in a variety of criminal organizations in areas similar to that of his former position.

The extent of his cybernetic enhancements are unknown, but at least both his right arm from the shoulder downward, and his right leg from the knee downward, has replaced with more powerful cybernetic replacements after a failed assassination attempt that occurred in 11 ABY just prior to the Imperial withdrawal.

He was last seen departing Port Ol'val two days ago on an converted Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport, IFF most likely changed by now, but records on the ship will likely still be in the docking computers for at least another day.

NOTE: According to descriptions provided by Master Zakath, Aamin Tain is fond of using Force Lightning, Choke, and so forth, using his powers to first and foremost humilate his opponents, but those are based on memories almost 20 years old, so further information beyond that is unknown, including how he obtained the training necessary for such powers, although I suspect Zakath knows but is keeping it to himself. Tain was also known to favor meele combat during his Commandant days, having hosted informal fencing touraments with his guard underlings, and it can be assumed that he has kept up to date on his skills due to the unsavory nature of his work. Personal bodyguards can also be assumed to be on hand.

I hope this information is helpful.

Elim Darhe'el
Personal Assistant to Zakath